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  1. Vladimir

    Need help with FB Adaccount spent limit

    Hello , i dont have idea why my fb add account have limit to 50$ daily , i cant spent above this amount. I cant set any limitation, in my billing options set 250$ " You'll also get a bill when you spend $250.00." But i don't have any idea why stop ads when hit 50 a day.
  2. Vladimir

    Follow Along ZeroPark Push & Dating

    Hi , i will be transparent with all on this campaign , because offer is stoped be advertiser , reason bad trafic quality. I didnt succeed to be in positive ROI with this campaign . What Im wrong here ? any advices are welcome... Day #1 Affiliate Network: Traffic Source...
  3. Vladimir

    What is your favorite traffic source?

    Hi affLifters... What is your favorite traffic source? - For me Push notifications and FB ads.
  4. Vladimir

    Follow Along Can you help me with this campaign - Zeropark push trafic

    - Traffic Source: Zeropark Push trafic - Tracking: Voluum - Affiliate Network: Mobidea - Type of Offer: Sweepstake - Offer Payout: $2.76/Lead - Budget: $20+/Day Hello , started this campaign on 03-April and run some days , but i cant get positive ROI , try few things , exclude source ...
  5. Vladimir

    Follow Along Push ads Road to Green

    Hi Afflifters! Last night i run this campaign and decide to open follow along thread. Well.. here we go to the green! 🎯 Traffic Source: PropellerAds 🔧 Tracking Tool: Redtrack ✅ Affiliate Network: Maxbounty 👍 Type of Offer: Sweepstakes 🔍 LP: Direct Link 💰 Offer Payout: $1.80 :geek: Geo : US...
  6. Vladimir

    Redtrack and Megapush macros

    Hi , i need help with add megapush in redtrack. I add macro on this way but dont track anything . Please tell me how to add properly