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    Is smart link good for you?

    Hi! If you have never worked with a smart link, it's perfect time to start ;) Still have doubts is this technology good for you? Just ask yourself the following questions: 1) Do I love making a lot of distribution rules? 2) Am I happy when I spend money on tests without a result? 3) Am I...
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    Dating smart link: pros and cons

    Hi! Let's speak today about the Dating smart link and how to make a profit out of it. In general, Dating vertical can be divided into Mainstream Dating and Adult Dating. You need to understand the difference between them because it influences on the creatives you will use and the traffic...
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    Official Anti-fraud detection: traffic quality control from AdsBridge

    Hey guys! Fortunately, we added a valuable feature called Anti-fraud. This update means that you are able to analyze all incoming traffic without any risks and be sure that your traffic source gives you the traffic you need. Anti-fraud in AdsBridge is a complex algorithm based on artificial...
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    Official Weekly digest: popular GEOs for SmartOffers from AdsBridge

    Hey Guys! We know that our SmartOffers are becoming more and more popular and you're willing to know the most converting ones as well as the geo it might be popular Here we gathered the most used offers as well as the locations they were converted during the last week (from the 11th of July...
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    Official AdsBridge Starter plan to start tracking smartly!

    We have awesome news to share. We added the possibility to use our Starter plan again with the monthly cost 29$. This plan is a perfect one for users with the incoming traffic less than 100 000 visits Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?! Starter plan will give you: 100 000 visits monthly free...
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    Case Study Smart Offers verticals

    Hi everyone! We know that our Smart Offers are becoming more and more popular and converting excellently and generating high income. We have decided to expand the borders of our built-in smart links to allow users with different traffic use Smart Offers and evaluate their benefits to the...
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    Guide Product update: SMART OFFERS from AdsBridge

    Hi guys! We have awesome news for you! Recently, we launched a functionality Traffic monetization which allows you to monetize your traffic and earn with AdsBridge effectively. But after we gathered some feedback from users, one of it you may read here...
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    Follow Along Traffic monetization:

    Hi guys! Here we decided to share the real case from one of our user, who tested Traffic monetization feature on the Dating vertical using traffic source. 🎯 Traffic Source: @MegaPush (Push notifications) 🔧 Tracking Tool: @AdsBridge ✅ Affiliate Network: not given 👍 Type of Offer...
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    Monetize your traffic using push-notifications

    Hey guys! Our tech team has developed a new feature that allows you to monetize your traffic using push-notifications from AdsBridge. All you need to do is to place a special code on your landing page that will collect subscriptions which will be further monetized and thus bring you additional...
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    Track traffic from with AdsBridge

    We are glad to represent our new partner - ! is an advertising network of push-notifications, which uses mobile and web- push (browser push) traffic for promoting products on the internet. All the new users that will register in the system and add 200$ balance to...
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    New feature from AdsBridge: Free SSL certificate in “one click”

    We always faced with the dozens of requests about how to add to AdsBridge certificates that were bought on specialized websites (for example, comodo, gogetssl, etc.) and they will be automatically bound to your domain. Hopefully, this issue is solved and the process will take no more than a few...
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    Women's Day is Coming!

    Spring is coming with a new sort of inspiration and happiness! AdsBridge wishes only the sweetest spring day to every woman all over the world! The smile is the strongest power! Don't forget to use it not just on the 8th of March and shine brightly all over the year! Happy Women's Day...
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    AdsBridge+MegaPush=The greatest combo!

    Recently we added the new traffic source, on our trusted templates! Being a user of, you may get a 25% off on AdsBridge tracker! Use promocode - MegaPush25. Soon we will update you with the detailed users guide about how to set campaign with
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    New HOT feature from AdsBridge: Traffic Monetization

    Track and monetize the traffic usually looks like work with several tools. But what if you may do this with just only a tracker? Sounds great, doesn’t it?! AdsBridge Team has been working extremely hard to effectively give users a new functionality - “Traffic Monetization” Now, you DON`T NEED...
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    Merry Christmas to everyone!

    Count your blessings, sing your Christmas carols, open your gifts, and make a wish under the Christmas tree. May you have a Merry Christmas! AdsBridge gifts are hidden here
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    Official AdsBridge Tracker Support

    HO HO HO! When the winter time is on, Christmas Eve is coming on. 🎊 AdsBridge Christmas elves tried really hard this year and hid awesome presents 🎁 under the Christmas tree.🎄 The link below will follow you in the right direction! 👉 Hurry up and grab your...
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    Website monetization

    Hey guys!;) Does anyone use any kind of website monetization? If so, how effectively does it work?:unsure: We did our own research and reveal some popular ways But this list isn't full enough. We are willing to hear...
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    What do users really need?

    :unsure: Do you like reading users guide better or watching video guide? :unsure: We face with dozens requests daily to assist with basic settings how to set up tracker correctly. In order to help our users to be much closer with the tracking software, we're curious about two above mentioned...
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    Black Friday is coming!

    Hey, guys! ;) ;) We hurry up to make your day with excellent news, AdsBridge Team has prepared its grand discounts! (y) Black Friday happens once a year, only 3 days of absolute freebies! :eek: From 23.11 to 25.11 buy ANY subscription plan at half price, get your 50% discount for ALL plans! ;)...