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  1. Dan D.

    Official Referral Program - Paying Weekly - 25% Commission!

    Great work @Luke ! I'll add a link to my blog.
  2. Dan D.

    hello from indonesia

    Welcome to the community @aaheroe !
  3. Dan D.

    Greeting From Indonesia

    Welcome @Jimtok ! You will learn plenty here.
  4. Dan D.

    Hello from Portugal

    Welcome @affbuffet ! There's plenty to learn here and lots of people to help out.
  5. Dan D.

    The October Contest Winning Follow Along Threads

    Well done everyone!
  6. Dan D.

    Guide Setting up a Landing Page on BeMob

    Thanks Luke, I'll be using this in the next couple of days! Cheers mate!
  7. Dan D.

    LanderBolt or PureLander

    @Tyoussef , When doing sweepstakes, is it best to use the desktop or mobile version of the lander?
  8. Dan D.

    Hello from Australia

    Luke, I'm in the process of setting up Bemob now with PropellerAds and Maxbounty. I'm totally new to this so I'll see how I go.
  9. Dan D.

    Hello from Australia

    Cheers mate!
  10. Dan D.

    Hello from Australia

    Hi to everyone in the affLIFT community! I'm from Australia and reasonably new to affiliate marketing. I started about 2 months ago with free traffic but I am really wanting to get my teeth into running campaigns with paid traffic. From what I have seen so far, this looks like a great community...
  11. Dan D.

    LanderBolt or PureLander

    Good info @Tyoussef, I'll be signing up today to give it a try.
  12. Dan D.

    cloaking affiliate link ?

    I agree, Cloaking is not required to be successful.