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    Be careful: DatsPush & publisher

    Do not work for DatsPush as a publisher. Do not promote their Push smartlinks for CPA. They dont pay you for it. I have screenshots, Apache logs, etc. Datspush stats: All trafic to "Global CPA ZP CAMPS" went from Zeropark: "We cannot pay for low quality traffic", they said "proof" about bot...
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    ZeroPark morel-bovine source

    Ok guys, which experience do you have with this PPV ZP source? For me its the firtst source that =must= be killed.
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    OneSignal alternatives

    I´m building my own push list, using OneSignal platform. They want move me to paid plan. Is there anyone who have experience with similar services like OneSignal? Prices, API´s, etc..?
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    Anyone working with FlirtyCa$h?

    Is there anyone who promote this adult dating company? Is theirs revshare fair?