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  1. DuavBa

    Follow Along Mastering push traffic

    I tried zeropark, I'm not satisfied at all. I think PropellerAds is better.
  2. DuavBa

    Serious spam with Google - (CPA / PUSH)

    I know that. but sometimes they come to the first 3 pages in difficult words.
  3. DuavBa

    Serious spam with Google - (CPA / PUSH)

    NO :) Write any popular word to Google. Call the last 24 hours. you will definitely see. example: They...
  4. DuavBa

    Serious spam with Google - (CPA / PUSH)

    Hello There, I've recently come across different things on Google ... I'm having trouble finding what I'm looking for on Google. Spamming sites have increased a lot. Check out the sites below ... By chance, I found it. They rank very fast on Google. They make CPA by spamming with millions of...
  5. DuavBa

    Guide Push Subscription Generator [LP and Tracking Setup]

    Push-Subscription attracted my attention. I added it to my website 3 days ago.
  6. DuavBa

    Official LandingTrack - Auto-Optimization + Tracking system

    Is there a discount for afflift users? 😌
  7. DuavBa

    Hi, is there anyone use moneyrobot?

    Do not use programs like moneyrobot for your site. Use it for your front page blogs that support you.
  8. DuavBa

    🤑 Get the Latest Push-Optin Landers 🤑

    It turned out better than I hoped, thank you.
  9. DuavBa

    Push Notification Landing Page - 4 Points of Monetization

    I'm very curious about ... Is it profitable to collect push subscribers? that is, if a subscriber didn't cancel it, does it bring us lifelong earnings?
  10. DuavBa

    Onesignal and Bemob?

    I'm very curious about this
  11. DuavBa

    Easy Passive Income

    I haven't had a chance to try it long. I signed up, but it's not nice to ask for ID. my membership is currently pending approval.but I don't want to send IDs.
  12. DuavBa

    🤑 Get the Latest Push-Optin Landers 🤑

    What kind of offers does this type of LP work well?
  13. DuavBa

    Easy Passive Income

    Can we make incentives? to collect subscribers.
  14. DuavBa

    RTX Platform

    I do 1 or 2 in 7 days. Previously, there was no 24-hour limit.
  15. DuavBa

    RTX Platform

    for pop-ads: We can make this frequency limit up to 24 hours. This is not good for pop ads. so I stopped using rtx. do you intend to change it?
  16. DuavBa

    New & Existing Creatives Canceled on RTX Push Due to Malicious Redirect…

    There are too many spam bots in RTX-Push. You should be careful.
  17. DuavBa

    Follow Along Maxbounty/Cash Network + SOI Offers + RTX Journey to $100/day Profit W/Push

    Block fraudulent publishers on RTX. (there are many extreme fake bots available.) I lost hundreds of dollars because of these publishers. I'm sure there are hundreds of scammers like this one.
  18. DuavBa

    Follow Along Propeller Ads + lospollos(Mainstream) + Bemob

    Country: Turkey 2 more lead came .. but no return price. 😥
  19. DuavBa

    Follow Along Propeller Ads + lospollos(Mainstream) + Bemob

    hello nice people.. 🎯 Traffic Source: PropellerAds 🔧 Tracking Tool: Bemob ✅ Affiliate Network: lospollos 👍 Type of Offer: Mainstream Before I went to bed yesterday, I had a new campaign. Today I want to share the results with you. There are 4 leads, but the price is not clear yet. I do...