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  1. DuavBa

    Serious spam with Google - (CPA / PUSH)

    Hello There, I've recently come across different things on Google ... I'm having trouble finding what I'm looking for on Google. Spamming sites have increased a lot. Check out the sites below ... By chance, I found it. They rank very fast on Google. They make CPA by spamming with millions of...
  2. DuavBa

    Follow Along Propeller Ads + lospollos(Mainstream) + Bemob

    hello nice people.. 🎯 Traffic Source: PropellerAds 🔧 Tracking Tool: Bemob ✅ Affiliate Network: lospollos 👍 Type of Offer: Mainstream Before I went to bed yesterday, I had a new campaign. Today I want to share the results with you. There are 4 leads, but the price is not clear yet. I do...
  3. DuavBa

    Follow Along Sales with Rtx - Bemob + Private Offer!

    Hello friends, I have a special offer, now I wanted to advertise. The settings are as follows. I've also added dozens of keywords with the help of google. Traffic Source: RTX Tracker: Bemob Offer: Private BTC offer / $40 per sale let's see what awaits us? :love:
  4. DuavBa

    What can I sell with Bing?

    hello there, I've had seo information for years, I've made good money. seo-google quickly changed. I'm trying different techniques, but I haven't had a good signal yet. I realized that the techniques I tried worked in Bing! But the bing volume came too low. :( I had never had a bing experience...
  5. DuavBa

    Is it possible to CPA with Shoutcart?

    Hello There, I wanted to try Shoutcart about 3 years ago. I've loaded a $ 400 balance into my account. That money is still there. I can't withdraw because there's a timeout. :) With this site you can find various instagram/twitter pages. you can advertise on these pages. (instagram shoutouts...
  6. DuavBa

    Propeller Ads 🦜 Let's see what is going to happen

    I created a campaign with Propeller for the first time, I used Rtxplatform before. But the traffic did not please me. :sneaky: Now I look forward to the results of this. :geek: Waiting for your suggestions! :love: Traffic source : Propeller Ads Offer : Sweepstakes (NL) Tracker: bemob
  7. DuavBa

    Special Offers and Tracking!

    Hello there, I'm going to do a campaign with pop ads, but I have a problem... I have an offer, but I did not receive this offer from the affiliate company. My Offer: If visitors come to this page >> How can I track it? this page is a conversion for me...
  8. DuavBa

    Your Favorite PPV Network (Please Rate)

    Rate your favorite ppv network. :)
  9. DuavBa

    Hidden links Tracking

    Hello There, I've opened such a topic before. but I have a problem. and I put hidden links inside my LP page.. I just want to see those who click on this link. Is this possible with Bemob? Because I have to...
  10. DuavBa

    What can I do for spam visitors? for POP Traffic

    Hello, I am using the rtx platform. What can I do for spam visitors? These boots are smart. do not understand. They seem to be real, they have intra-site circulation. Last year there were very good conversions. My ads have been so bad for a year.I'd like to hear your suggestion.
  11. DuavBa

    Hello from Turkey

    hello I am from turkey, I have won very good money with cpagrip before. About $ 500,000 ... but I had to take a break. Now I want to do cpa again. I feel like my information is reset, but I'll try again