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  1. sokhamoeun

    Is Push Ads Traffic safe for Google Adsense?

    Great To Hear That. Thanks. BUT we can test if we want to know Google adsense ban our account or not.
  2. sokhamoeun

    Is Push Ads Traffic safe for Google Adsense?

    Luke, I've talked on Skype with propellerads and she said that her propellerads traffic is safe 100% with adsense, and she said that adsense not ban adsense account. Am I wrong or her?
  3. sokhamoeun

    Is Push Ads Traffic safe for Google Adsense? I've searched on Google and I've seen this guy mentioned about airbitrage cheap traffic that is safe for adsense, isn't it? What do you think? Can I follow his articles guideline?
  4. sokhamoeun

    Is Push Ads Traffic safe for Google Adsense?

    Hey, Friends. Beside Google Ads, BingAds, FacebookAds, Is there any push ads traffic safe for Google Adsense? I'm looking for high quality push ads traffic that is safe for my Google Adsense account. Does anyone here know? If you know, which traffic is high quality traffic and safe 100% for my...
  5. sokhamoeun

    MegaPush Traffic Source

    Today, I run campaign with MegaPush. I target US, CPC:$0.031 per click. I use Bemob as my tracker. I added {feedid} behind PeerFly Offer. Is it correct that I added {feedid} behind PeerFly offer or Do I add {clickid} behind the offer tracking link? I got 248 clicks in MegaPush BUT I didn't get...
  6. sokhamoeun

    New Contest for November - 1 week - $50 (FREE) - Winner Gets $100

    Luke, I'm interested in this contest. So I just spend $50 on my MegaPush account, right? I have both approved account PeerFly & MegaPush. Can't wait to advertise with MegaPush. Excue me, Luke. What offers that we are going to promote on MegaPush? I have already registered MegaPush under your Link.
  7. sokhamoeun

    How To Insert The Correct SearchWrench Postback into PeerFly Anybody can tell me what is Your-ID#? Where can I find it? Help me please. Thanks,
  8. sokhamoeun

    Top 10 Threads from October

    Your threads from October are pretty cool. Thank you so much, Luke. You know since I joined AffLift, I learnt a lots even though I didn't test Tonic or others traffic sources yet but I understood all tutorials that you showed. I tested with PopAds was failed. BUT I don't think I will fail again...
  9. sokhamoeun

    TONIC vs MegaPush

    Thanks, Luke for this great screenshot of how to setup traffic source of MegaPush in Bemob. I'll try in it. I have registered MegaPush under your link including Tonic and PopAds, and others haven't but I do in the future.
  10. sokhamoeun

    TONIC vs MegaPush

    Do you know what offers that Tonic ban to promote? May you tell me? Thanks,
  11. sokhamoeun

    TONIC vs MegaPush

    xakir55, I ran adult offer targeted South Africa. I set buget $10 and daily $6. I walked through Luke tutorial. Did you profit from PopAds? If so, could show you me how? I would appreciate you.
  12. sokhamoeun

    Follow Along All The Details From My 1st Bing Ads + PeerFly + SearchWrench Campaign

    Thanks, Drew. BUT I still wonder does the keyword I write by my own self or do I copy the tracking link that I created in Bemob in out there? URL: Do I put the tracking link that I created in Bemob too? Title: I understand I can write the words that associated with my Ad.
  13. sokhamoeun

    Follow Along All The Details From My 1st Bing Ads + PeerFly + SearchWrench Campaign

    Dear Luke, I have registered with SearchWrench but I don't know how to get started with it. I want to test it with BingAds Traffic. Recently, I promote PeerFly offers using my landing page. #NOTE: In These Three Spaces Below What Do I Need To PUT? May you tell me?
  14. sokhamoeun

    PropellerAds or PopAds?

    Thanks. Luke, I do agree with your ideas. You inspire me. Excuse me, Luke. I don't understand about creating traffic source in Bemob for PrepellerAds, MegaPush, Tonic, RTX yet even though I walked through your videos. Loyalty, I am a newbie using tracker. I never used it before so that It is...
  15. sokhamoeun

    PropellerAds or PopAds?

    I prefer to use PropellerAds. Now, I change my mind; I want to use Tonic. I have question. Between MegaPush and Tonic which ones is good for me to use test my first campaigns. I already failed with testing my first campaigns with PopAds. Luke, can you guide me which ones is good to test my first...
  16. sokhamoeun

    TONIC vs MegaPush

    Hello Luke & Friends. I need your advice. I want to test my first campaign with PPV between TONIC and MegaPush which ones is best for me to test my first campaigns. You know I lost with PopAds. Luke I don't understand yet about how to setup traffic sources in Bemob of Bing, Tonic...
  17. sokhamoeun

    Case Study [Case Study] Offer: Green CARD with push ad formats – ROI 73%

    Can you create video of using PopAds and setting postback in clickmagick with PeerFly?
  18. sokhamoeun

    PropellerAds or PopAds?

    I did not do Propeller Ads However I have tried Pop Ads sometime back but Got Zero Conversion , though i did not use any special tracking technique but still drained out about $10 with nothing but Clicks, I am still UNSURE - what offer might work with POP Ads. Anyone Here who was Able to get a...
  19. sokhamoeun

    Got more clicks BUT no conversions

    Hello, Luke! How are you? I do hope that you are doing well. Excuse me. I promote dating offer to South Africa on PopAds. You know I got more clicks on both PeerFly and clickmagick. I added postback into my offer. Here is my postback URL...
  20. sokhamoeun

    native budget

    Hello Everyone! My name is SOKHA. I just joined affLIFT one two days ago. May you help me how to use PopAds? I created custom domain in PeerFly. And I want to promote the offers using my custom domain without using any tracking link software? I mean that I promote PeerFly offers with my custom...