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  1. sa0jun

    Need help for Crypto offers Creatives on GG

    I heard GG is the best traffic source for crypto offers but I can't find any ads with that. Did you guys saw creatives of that offer? What does that look likes? Banner or Text ads?
  2. sa0jun

    How to display visitors ISP on the lander?

    How to display visitors ISP on the lander? I rip an landing page that include <script>document.write(isp)</script> but without full JS file it can't work. Anyone can share this code?
  3. sa0jun

    Follow Along Big G is not for newbie? (Brand-bid&Cloak) March Madness Contest

    I think the answer is yes,for now. The FB traffic is the star rn so there only have few guide talk about google ads. The reason I wanna start jump in GG ads is when I promote COD offers to some Asia area that have almost 100% approve rate. But I test most push traffic source that all have only...
  4. sa0jun

    White Hat offers affiliate network recommend?

    I know a lot white hat offers stay in SAS and CJ. But is there any short payment period White Hat offers affiliate network? I'm a beginner for google ads,and I can got unlimited account. If anyone have more experience with BH offers use google and want ‘un-ban' account maybe we can work together.
  5. sa0jun

    Follow Along Push Notifications - The Journey To profit $300/day

    I start this post because I need start follow along with Megapush as promised for Luke. But my megapush 4 campaigns are not work well right now,that is the super short story.So I just change the title. This post will push me to move forward. Traffic source : Propeller Ads Offer : Sweepstakes...
  6. sa0jun

    Follow Along RichPush + COD + BeMob January Contest

    Hi everyone I just deposit $250:confused: to richpush (I don't know everything about it and the volume of GEO is secret,the minimum deposit is huge but I just wanna test new traffic source ) last week and spend $200+. Here is my recall of everything I do.Because my main language isn't English so...
  7. sa0jun

    Hello everyone

    I'm an older affiliate that quit crypto game and back to affiliate.