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    [Giveaway] 10 PureLander Memberships!

    I like this payday loan landing page:
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    January Contest with RichPush - $1,000 in Prizes!

    Received the payment! Thanks Luke for organizing the contest and introducing RichPush! It's not easy to find traffic source that works, and RichPush works for my offers! :D
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    Follow Along RichPush+PeerClick+PeerFly+Jan Contest

    Final update for this follow along. The initial gambling offer was paused, so I was not able to continue on it. This follow along somehow became a follow along for the traffic source RichPush. Attached is the result (tabulated from my tracker, Peerclick) so far from running campaigns in...
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    Follow Along RichPush+PeerClick+PeerFly+Jan Contest

    I always do that, it's a way for me to test whether it's a fluke, I treat every conversion 'seriously'... :LOL: But I will always set a limit to how much I'm willing to spend to get the next conversion for the source :) There's no restriction to how much to bid for whitelist. We can actually set...
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    Follow Along RichPush+PeerClick+PeerFly+Jan Contest

    I didn't manage to get a conversion from the gambling offer before it was paused. It's sad, but it happens. I choose higher payout offers for push notifications traffic, thus I can test out more sources in the network. As for budget, I don't have fixed budget like 1xpayout, 2xpayout or...
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    Follow Along RichPush+PeerClick+PeerFly+Jan Contest

    I typically optimize by doing 2 things: 1. Blacklist sites, zones or publishers that are eating up budget and does not convert. 2. Create another campaign targeting the variables of the converted traffic. This is the campaign that I created with the above conversions data: Things are looking...
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    Follow Along RichPush+PeerClick+PeerFly+Jan Contest

    This is the campaign for the offer (from another network that I'm working with) that is getting conversions in RichPush. Like I mentioned previously, I prefer higher payout offers for push notifications traffic, because they are just so expensive! I spent more that a hundred dollars on this...
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    Follow Along RichPush+PeerClick+PeerFly+Jan Contest

    I was testing out a few offers together with this gambling offer in RichPush. I have never really been successful with gambling offers so far, so wanted to give it a shot in RichPush, unfortunately the offer was paused before I can get any meaningful data out of it. Good news is, I do have an...
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    Follow Along RichPush+PeerClick+PeerFly+Jan Contest

    Bad news, this offer was paused! Luckily I checked...
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    Follow Along RichPush+PeerClick+PeerFly+Jan Contest

    This is my result from my after 1 week of running the campaign. No conversion yet. Notice I have 666 clicks and spent $45. The campaign was stopped for a while as I was running a few campaigns in different verticals and they sure eats up budget fast! This screenshot was taken from my tracker...
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    Follow Along RichPush+PeerClick+PeerFly+Jan Contest

    This is my results after 1 day. No conversion and not enough traffic yet, so nothing to optimize. Notice the difference between my first day traffic and Luke's first day traffic? We are actually taking different approaches to bidding. Luke bidded higher than the recommended bid, thus he is...
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    Follow Along RichPush+PeerClick+PeerFly+Jan Contest

    Decided to try out RichPush and join in the January contest. Signed up and added fund. Traffic Source: RichPush Tracking Tool: PeerClick Affiliate Network: PeerFly Vertical : Gambling I chose gambling mainly because Luke is testing out gambling offers there and seems to be having some good...
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    New Contest for November - 1 week - $50 (FREE) - Winner Gets $100

    Hi Luke, I'm interested too, I have Peerfly account and am currently running some offers in MegaPush. I'm using Peerclick for my tracker. Thanks :)
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    Tonic says get the hell outta here!

    :eek::eek: Surprise surprise! My Tonic account was just suspended also! Paused my previously approved campaigns (had been running them for months) to sort out my tracker's issues. Resumed them last night and VOILA my account was suspended. :poop: Same generic reason given : The reason for your...
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    zeropark ads

    Zeropark was working well for me in the past, but after they started the different inventory options (pre-select, premium, standard), performance dropped. You will need to create 3 campaigns for the same offer if you want to test out all 3 different inventories. After they came up with the...
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    popups on mobile

    In Tonic, when you select mobile, you will see 0 uniques per month. You will see the number increase after you select carriers that you want to target.
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    https question

    Hi @Luke, currently, the flow of my campaign is mytrackingdomain -->mypeerflyaffiliatelink --> actualoffer I'm able to make mytrackingdomain to https, and the actualoffer is also https, but my affiliate link for mypeerflyaffiliatelink is still http. Would Peerfly be changing all the affiliate...