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  1. alvaro

    Hi from me...

    hello and welcome.. im not an expert im a newbie just like you, and I hear you bro I am the same situation like yours, but piece of advice just try to focus on traffic source master it and then move on..
  2. alvaro

    Fb ads using Freesite as landing pages like Weebly etc...

    Hello Everyone I have some newbie question here in any case Can I use as landing pages using freesite like weebly and run it on fb ads do you think fb allow it. thank you.
  3. alvaro

    Which country do you live in?

    philippines but currently living in rome italy
  4. alvaro

    hello from Rome

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome, and ok will do some search in the forum to see what really interest me.. thanks everyone
  5. alvaro

    hello from Rome

    Hello Everyone I am newbie and want to learn more about cpa,anyone can give me how to started with cpa thanks