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Search results

  1. dood

    Guide ApproachX - Dating Landing Page

    In know Luke is running a lot of ApproachX offers, and he once asked if someone can rip one of their dating landing pages from this URL: https://true.romancepulse.com/lps/chat/?p=553 The landing page looks something like this: I guess he thought this one was hard to rip… OK - challenge...
  2. dood

    Guide How to check offer pages with free VPN-s?

    Do you check how the offer page looks like before you start sending traffic to it? By checking the actual offer page you can read the fine print at the bottom of the page, get some new ideas on how to create new landing pages which you can use to promote the offer or just how complicated it is...
  3. dood

    Guide 🔥 14 Free Landing Pages with Integrated Backunder Script and Popup!

    Since BackUnder script is getting more and more popular, I’ve decided to prepare a few landing pages that already have BackUnder script integrated. This pack contains 14 landing pages. All you need to do is look for link that has “#CTA_BUTTON” like this: <a href="#CTA_BUTTON"...
  4. dood

    Guide Block Crawlers From Accessing Your Landing Page

    If your landing page gets flagged very often, you might consider changing the copy on your landing page. But - there is also one other thing you could do, that could help you avoid getting your pages flagged so often. Web crawlers (like Google) check your pages often, and if they see some...
  5. dood

    The Most Valuable Search Arb Guide

    This just landed in my inbox... (from TheOptimizer) > https://theoptimizer.io/guides/searcharbguide
  6. dood

    Guide Free Optimizer Tool - Booster Script ⚡ (PropellerAds+BeMob)

    In a few threads I mentioned that I have my own optimizer tool that I used to optimise my campaigns. Some of these optimizations include simple rules like blacklisting zones that have low CTR or low ROI. I use it even on CPA campaigns so that CPA algo doesn’t spend too much on a single zone...
  7. dood

    Guide How to host your landing pages without a server - for free ? (unlimited traffic and global coverage)

    So.. you finally decided to ditch the direct linking method, got yourself a few landing pages, you expect a ton of traffic and you ask yourself what’s the best solution when it comes to hosting? Do you go with $2.99 shared hosting, maybe a VPS or better yet - a $155 per month dedicated server...
  8. dood

    Guide How to use Google Sheets to check Monetizer offer status and start/stop traffic on PropellerAds

    Are you tired of wasting budget and sending traffic from PropellerAds to paused Monetizer offers? Using this simple Google Sheets script you can automate the process - this script will check the offer status every 5 minutes and if the Monetizer offer is offline (or outage is detected) it will...
  9. dood

    Struggling with something in affiliate marketing? Give us more info and we might write a guide about it!

    As you already know, currently there are 8 Communitly leaders on this forum: @Nick @servandosilva @Jimmy @Neil @Akahma @Varun @dood @Luke We try to publish new premium content every week. But, sometimes it can be hard to come up with new ideas. That' why we want to use this thread as a spy...
  10. dood

    Guide Get an email notification when your domain gets flagged

    I’ve created a simple Google Sheets script which you can use to monitor your domains and pull domain status from Virus total. Setup is really simple. All you need is a Virus total API key and 5 minutes to copy and setup Google Sheets script. Get a VirusTotal API KEY Go to...
  11. dood

    Guide How to Protect Your Campaign From Getting Fake Conversions

    While we still don’t know what happened HERE, I decided to show you how you can protect your campaign from getting fake conversions. I’m not saying that’s the case in the thread mentioned above, but it seems very fishy based on the data we have seen so far. How can someone send fake...
  12. dood

    Guide Cloud Trackers Comparison

    In this table you can find more than 50 plans from 14 different cloud based trackers. Looking for a tracker with a free plan? Look no further. This table aims to provide basic information about the most popular trackers today. That's why it contains only a few basic data such as price, number...
  13. dood

    Guide Sending push messages to your own subscribers on ProPush (and checking the revenue share %)

    While updating this thread: https://afflift.com/f/threads/revenue-share-push-traffic-sources.2932/ I came with an idea to check if I can send push messages to my own list that I've built on Propush using PropellerAds. Also, I wanted to check if that 80% revenue share is true :) I needed to...
  14. dood

    PropellerAds - not getting any traffic from high volume zone? [SOLVED]

    Guys, did you ever encounter the situation where you just stopped getting traffic from a certain zone, although PropellerAds chart shows there is traffic available for your traffic options? So I had a whitelist campaign in Tier3 country, and I was getting a few thousand visits per day. Mi bid...
  15. dood

    Follow Along #PA10k - PropellerAds + Zeydoo + ProPush (Tips & Tricks included 🔥)

    🎯 Traffic Source: Propeller Ads 🔧 Tracking Tool: BeMob ✅ Affiliate Network: Zeydoo 👍 Type of Offer: Surveys 💰 Offer Payout: varies 🔧 Optimizer tool: My own tool 🏆 I believe this campaign will be successful because: I know PA has good quality traffic and my AM recommended 5 GEO-s that work well...
  16. dood

    Monetizer tracking links malware error (JS/Redirector.NQF trojan)

    Guys, did any of you get a campaign rejected on ClickAdu when running Monetizer offers? Their moderation team uses ESET and they are getting this error: JS/Redirector.NQF trojan My domain isn't flagged or something like that, I guess this is just a JS script that monetizer uses to redirect...
  17. dood

    ZeroPark DOMAIN traffic - win ratio 0%?

    I decided to give a ZeroPark DOMAIN traffic another go. I've tested Tier3 country domain traffic (Mainstream Android 3G). I have a RON campaign and I can see some targets that have a lot of daily traffic, but I'm not getting any of it. Here is a screenshot for a single day: I am getting...
  18. dood

    Domain redirect (zero click) traffic

    Hi guys! Inspired by this thread: Interesting Results With Propeller's Direct Click Traffic 🔥 I decided to open this thread where we can discuss traffic sources that have quality domain redirect traffic. What do you think? I'll test PropellerAds direct click traffic for sure. Anyone else had...
  19. dood

    HeyTap browser?

    Hi guys, looking for mobile pops networks that have HeyTap browser traffic. Do you know any?
  20. dood

    Affiliate networks that have sport betting offers?

    Hi guys, I know some of you are promoting casino gambling offers (slots), but I wanted to ask you can you recommend a few affiliate networks that have sport betting offers (like football, tenis etc)? EURO is coming soon, so I think sport betting will be huge this summer.