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    Sweepstakes Landing Page - What do you think?

    Hey guys, I just created a new bridge page for sweepstakes and I would like to hear your opinion on this. Is it good, is it bad? If yes, why? What I should improve, etc... P.S: This bridge page will be only used for FB promoting, not push. Thanks! @Luke In my previous thread, you told me you...
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    Facebook/IG Ads - Question about Copyright

    Hey guys, I was wondering on how you deal with this "issue". So we all know using a brand logo in our ads is prohibited and Facebook may ban you for this. And since a lot of CPA offers are about big brands, it's problematic somehow. Let's say for example: You have a CPA offer promoting Netflix...
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    Guide How to get your Facebook Ads account back!

    Hey guys, Recently my Facebook Ads account was deactivated and hopefully, I got it activated back. There you have a video that helped me to submit my appeal. I can't guarantee it will work for you but it worth giving a try. Cheers
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    Hello guys, I got my Facebook Ads account banned about 1 hour ago. For the following reason: I was wondering if some of you had this problem and how did you solve it. Thank you in advance!
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    ADS Strategy?

    Hello guys, I was wondering on what kind of strategy should I follow when doing my Ads campaigns (FB/IG/Google/etc..). Let's say you pick an offer to promote, create the landing page, and publish it. - Do your ad budget depends on of the offer payout? - How long do you wait until you take a...
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    Domain Names For Bridge Pages?

    Hey there, I was curious if you guys are choosing or make research about domain names you will use for your bridge pages. Is that important for you? Cheers :)
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    Picking the right offers to promote?

    Hello guys, Recently I've launched a few sweeps campaign (about 10) but none of them really worked (non-profitable). So before launching new campaigns and risk losing more money, I wanted to hear your opinion about this. Do you guys use any system in order to "filter" the offers you will...
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    RedTrack Issue

    Hello there, So I did set up my RedTrack tracking campaign but I have an issue. When someone visits the Landing Page (based on WordPress + Elementor), the click number increases along with the LP Views, even if the CTA button is not pressed. I did a double check and it seems I installed...
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    Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing well and has a lot of leads. :) So, I never used a tracker in the past but these days I decided to change this in order to have more precise data that will help me to optimize and understand better my traffic. The problem is that I cannot understand how this...
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    Hello there, I would like if some of you is using the Facebook Pixel on its CPA website. Personally, I run different offers on my website. The problem is that these offers are quite different (different country, target, etc...) and I would like to know if there's a way to split all that into...
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    Hello from FRANCE

    Hello guys, I'm a young entrepreneur from FRANCE. It's been a while since I joined the forum and my introduction is late, but better later than never. I'm pretty new in the Affiliate Marketing Industry, so I came here to improve my knowledge and why not, to help others with my little...