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  1. Aptfxer

    Guide MEGA Thread of Useful Landing Page Scripts

    Mega good thread. Thanks to all contributors. Great stuff
  2. Aptfxer

    Cross Site Tracking - What's the way forward?

    The man with the plan strikes again! Many thanks.
  3. Aptfxer

    Anyone using Cloudways?

    There is a markup from the prices you would pay if you just deployed a server on one of their supported services but you get a ton of peace of mind, support and pretty much one-click setup for things on the server. Very fast servers (although that's more a feature of their supported services)...
  4. Aptfxer

    [Dont.Farm] Facebook Cloud Accounts | Credit Cards | All GEO's | From 99$+ So what am I buying? A FB ads account or a funded FB ads account?
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    Feedback on new FPTraffic landing page (homepage)

    Looks very nice indeed. Might be worth running a spell checker over it one more time. "Its members" for example, not "it's members".
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    Cross Site Tracking - What's the way forward?

    @Nick Thanks for adding to the post. I value your opinion and appreciate you taking the time to reply. So far it looks like Safari and FireFox have (will shortly) implement stops on cross-site tracking. Chrome hasn't put anything in yet but they may well be. From the information I've managed to...
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    Cross Site Tracking - What's the way forward?

    Not exactly panic-stations yet but it is getting close to that. Safari, Edge and Firefox are actively doing away with cross-site tracking. Plenty of info out there, couple of starter links below:
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    Follow Along Zeropark + Los Pollos Casual Dating + LandingTrack

    I had the same issue with one of my LosPollos campaigns. The Mainstream rotator showed some naughty no-nos on Tonic traffic. That was with Adult traffic and it still got blocked. Had to take it to a pre-lander. No harm, no foul in the end but it might be something they want to look at.
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    Oh man...when will I learn?

    Could have been worse - you could have noticed tomorrow!
  10. Aptfxer

    Oh man...when will I learn?

    Mark it down as operator error. That's my usual defense whenever I do anything with increased dumbassidness.
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    Hello from sunny Cyprus

    Nikos hi. Welcome to the forum. You'll like it here. I'm in Limassol.
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    Upload Static Landing Pages to WordPress

    Yes, what he said. It's actually not difficult to get to grips with 99.99% of everything that to be done as a marketer. Hosting, domains, nameservers, amazon, cloudflare, https, layouts, etc. All can be Googled and at the end of the day, all these are pretty much paint by numbers. Great...
  13. Aptfxer

    PeerFly is Shutting Down

    That might just be their reading of the future of CPA but it looks like there were issues beyond their control which would have forced things anyway. Will be missed.
  14. Aptfxer

    Peerfly Is Shutting Down.

    From the Peerfly email, it appears Facebook has a lot to do with it.
  15. Aptfxer

    Newbie landing page question

    I've never used RedTrack nut assuming it works the same was as the tracker I do use, then you should be using the campaign link you get from RedTrack. That will pass all the necessary variables.
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    Is Anyone Promoting Crypto/Binary Offers? Does It Even Work In 2019?

    There's a reason the payouts on Crypto are so high - the niche is very competitive. Binary I dropped a while back. It had its time in the sun and that time is now over. Just too much negative press out there. Crypto offers still work very well and are one of my staples. Mix of SEO, Email and...
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    [Breaking] 250+ Ready-To-Go Affiliate Landers From AdPlexity - ONLY $1!!

    Some nice landers there. Couple of language errors (Dutch landers labelled as German) but an excellent resource and for the money..... hard to beat.
  18. Aptfxer

    Smartlinks - How it works, when to use it?

    I've got a soft-spot for smartlinks and use them a lot. They way I see it, the networks have already done a lot of the donkey work so why not piggy-back on what they've done already?
  19. Aptfxer

    Comment by 'Aptfxer' in article 'AdPlexity vs Anstrex: Which Spy Works Best for You'

    I thought long and hard about it before taking the plunge and in the end went with Anstrex. Few months down the road and haven't regretted my decision. Very pleased with the features and the results I get from Anstrex.