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    What affiliate network denied you?

    Maxbounty. Applied 3 times, get rejected on all of them. They don't even schedule for a call, they just straight up reject my applications.
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    Do you want some free and tested creatives?

    I have seen another network in this forum that done something similar to this. Very interesting feature, but I have to ask, where do you get all these creatives from?
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    Greetings from Malaysia!

    Hello there fellow Malaysian, welcome to the forum.
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    Have you gotten the COVID-19 vaccine?

    My first dose was about 2 weeks ago, my second dose is on 1st June.
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    Official RichAds: Premium Push & Popunder Traffic + 12% BONUS

    Is Native ads discontinued, or it is for certain advertisers only? I only have push and pop option.
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    Hello from Vietnam

    Do you plan to expand to Malaysia and Philippines as well? Just curious.
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    🔥 Monetize your traffic on Push Subscriptions with Clickadu 🔥

    Can we use your pop traffic to promote this?
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    What a scarevertisement 😊

    What a nasty trick. I do believe some people would fall for that. But seriously though, why some ad network still allow this type of lander?
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    Anyone use Mautic?

    @nonguruguy Have you tried searching for SMTP relay service? SendGrid, SendinBlue,, etc offers this just to name a few. I have no experience using them, just want to point it out.
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    question about

    I forgot to mention that Sendy allows you to use your hosting SMTP to send emails, if you don't what to use Amazon SES. You need to refer to your hosting provider about your use case, make sure adult email marketing is allowed.
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    question about

    The problem is with Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), the service that sends out those emails. You can read their terms here: From my understanding, they don't allow it. But you can ask their support directly and describe your case.
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    Official Got questions to Clickadu? We'll be happy to help you.

    Happy Birthday Clickadu! Congrats What are your plans for the upcoming year?
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    Sendy 5.0 Released

    OMG, it worked! Thanks Luke.
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    Sendy 5.0 Released

    Really? I thought big version update requires a purchase. I bought a license just TWO days before this update, without knowing they are releasing a new one 🤦‍♂️ I have send them an email request for a free upgrade, haven't receive any reply yet.
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    AdCombo tracking issue on Binom

    What exactly is your tracking issue, can you explain more on that? Have you tried create a campaign in adcombo, and then use the campaign URL with clickid={clickid} as an offer in Binom? I know that sounds stupid, but I have this clickid issue a few years ago when setting up with Kintura (that...
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    AdCombo tracking issue on Binom

    In Binom, you should append clickid={clickid} at the end of the offer link, not subacc={clickid}
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    Hello afflift

    Welcome Jason
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    As Salam Ulaikum How Are You ALL

    Welcome to affLIFT