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    Follow Along Advertizer CPA Campaign vs PropellerAds CPA Goal 2.0 Campaign (Same Offer)

    One big challenge is that Affiliate Networks are not accepting Advertizers traffic ....Main complain is that Advertizer provides bot traffic. they are not approving means sometimes you will not get paid...Honestly, I feel scared to run any campaign in Advertizer now. Any suggestions...
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    Landing page Language

    Yes, like this I have some knowledge about JS as well as PHP but It is very basic some small changes I can do, but a major one I am not comfortable with.
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    Landing page Language

    I will use AWS , I think PHP doesn't support in AWS. KIndly share the Javascript code please and how to use them.
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    Landing page Language

    How to change the language of the landing page according to the GEO, automatically? Kidly share the process. If any code I need to add then what is the code?
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    🔥🆓 Agent F's Monthly Landers - Survey Landers 🎯🔥

    @agentf how to manage with AWS? Means when we upload a folder then it shows like index.html but in PHP it would be different. How to manage it or uploading .php file will not any issue.
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    Correct my Kintura setup plz

    Okay, Sure
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    Correct my Kintura setup plz

    Yes, I have spent $15
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    Correct my Kintura setup plz

    No I have not received any conversion yet. and the payout is $0.90.
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    Correct my Kintura setup plz

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    Correct my Kintura setup plz

    Kindly check my kintura setup for a campaign using the landing page.... I dont know why using my landing page i don't get conversions. Maybe some set up issue. Landing page: Offer Page: Route page using Landing page: Campaign : Campaign Route page: Campaign Link and code page...
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    [GIVEAWAY] 75 Landing Page Pack to 10 Members!

    My favorite 1 click carrier billing offers (y)
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    Guide Complete Guide to Advertizer CPA Campaigns (AKA How to Get Traffic from Monetizer)

    @jimmyvanilla have you received any pay bump from the network?
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    Hi Everyone!

    Welcome and start from here
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    Little clarification

    I am using AWS. Only changing the traffic source in Kintura will do the job , Right?
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    Follow Along Building Email Lists with Paid Traffic

    @Luke could you please create a guide on this ....
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    Little clarification

    If I want to promote a same offer in different traffic then do I need to host same landing page 2 times or onetime hosting saingle page will do the job?
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    How to rejuvinate campaign?

    I am using a Propellerad CPA goal for a campaign for almost a month and it was quite a profitable one. But last couple of days it almost stops converting and I am experiencing losses. How can I make this campaign work again? I have seen that almost 10% of the zones were performing and rest are...
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    Facebook Traffic Questions

    I think its a complete no no.... if you have many FB accounts then you can go about it.
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    Best Wordpress Hosting

    Where can I get some supports...? Because I dont have much idea about handle cloud hosting.
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    Best Wordpress Hosting

    Are you talking about Digitalocen?