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  1. IcanFLY

    what happened with popcash traffic today 😂😂

    What is going on today with popcash traffic 😂😂? I have never expected such results from them. Offer category: Dating Converts on: SOI GEO: Denmark Payout: $3.50 per conversion Tracker: Investment: Just few cents Profit: $17.50
  2. IcanFLY

    Follow Along $500 a day :)

    Here i am starting my new journey from $0-$500 a day :) Last month my revenue was $1,235.00 below is the proof of it. It gave's me a lot of energy to the work :) This was one of my wining offer but unfortunately this offer got paused and i have to search now new wining offer for me. So i am...
  3. IcanFLY

    Follow Along Zeropark, Bemob and Dating Offers

    I am going to setup new campaign and here are some details: Traffic Source- Zeropark Tracker - Bemob Offer category - Dating Network - I will test different offers from different networks I currently have planned to run some offers from maxbounty, crakrevenue and mobidea. Per campaign testing...