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  1. RTXPlatform

    Private Channels RTX - Domain Redirect

    If you need additional shopping supply for Q4, we have brand-safe supply available on RTX for domain redirect. Since the compliance is so high on this traffic we need to manually approve and map the traffic to the campaigns. Please talk to your AM if you are interested in setting up a test or...
  2. RTXPlatform

    Check out these top geos, offers, and tips to fire up your campaigns on RTX Platform!

    Here's where the money is on Push (and Pops) so you can scale your campaigns for peak performance. Sign up for RTX Platform today and get $100 when you spend $75 in your first week! Try these 🔥 offers on RTX Platform...
  3. RTXPlatform

    PushToast - Refer publishers. Earn BIG money.

    Earn extra cash for every new signup you refer to Push Toast! When someone signs up as a Push Toast publisher using your link, you’ll earn a 3% lifetime commission of their revenue! We’d like to meet your network and reward you for the introduction. Help your friends succeed, and fatten your...
  4. RTXPlatform

    Move users off Onesignal with PushToast

    DM me if you want to move users off OneSignal due to the paywall and onto Pushtoast We show a max of 4 ads daily to your userbase and give you the ability to send push to your users for free.