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  1. ItsDavid

    Why to choose this Forum

    Welcome aborad! Wishing you loads of success.
  2. ItsDavid

    Guide Building a Facebook Page

    @Luke, I was thinking of giving FPTraffic another try. I forgot about it for some time now but thinking back I remember signing up when you first started it but somehow my subscription had been canceled within PayPal (not my doing). I ended up backing out before signing up for the 2-week trial...
  3. ItsDavid

    Logo Design Resources?

    @Pablo T, I’m not looking to get it done free. My intention is to pay to get this done but I’m tired of wasting my time and money using Fiverr.
  4. ItsDavid

    Logo Design Resources?

    @Pablo T, I have not heard of this one before. While looking around it appears they do not provide you with the raw files such as PSD etc.
  5. ItsDavid

    Logo Design Resources?

    I am currently in the processes of starting up a local business and need to find someone or a resource that can design very professional attractive logos. I already know the concept I am looking for, however, I cannot draw or sketch to save my life. With that said. It leads me on the hunt to...
  6. ItsDavid

    Guide Direct Linking, But Tracking Like You've Got A Landing Page (iFrame Method)

    @Nick This is great, thank you. @CPV Lab Pro I will be on the lookout for this case study.
  7. ItsDavid

    Guide CPVLab VPS Setup Guide 🤓 (with shared build scripts) 😎

    Thank you for creating this post. I have also invested in CPVLab Pro for many of the same reasons as you. I will admit tho that I am still trying to learn how to track offers and analyze that data. I will be sticking around this thread. I will add that CPVLab included me in their beta testing. I...
  8. ItsDavid

    Guide Free affiliate education course on Facebook Marketplace ads.

    I have signed up, just waiting for approval.
  9. ItsDavid

    iMonetizeIt Contest - $2,500 in Prizes - Post a Follow Along to Participate

    I intend to utilize this. I was working on a full website project and just as it started gaining traction the network put a screeching halt to the feed being utilized so now I’m back to day one with that project. With that said, I’m moving on for now and joining in on this one. Maybe I will have...
  10. ItsDavid

    START HERE - Pops Guide - The Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing

    Nope, I have never heard of them until this reading this.
  11. ItsDavid

    Tracking and Optimizing Paid Traffic to a Website

    I did in fact install and begin to use it, however, many of the important features needed come at a very hefty price annually. So I moved on. I am leaning towards giving Lucky Orange a try. They support UTM tracking which seems to be a very important part of tracking.
  12. ItsDavid

    Tracking and Optimizing Paid Traffic to a Website

    My hope is to be able to optimize because I will be spending a good amount of cash on buying traffic to my website once I can nail this tracking stuff down. I was trying to stay away from GA considering it's an Adult focused website.
  13. ItsDavid

    Tracking and Optimizing Paid Traffic to a Website

    I have attempted to implement it sitewide by placing the code where stated in the documentation, however, I was not able to get visits to register. I am still very new to learning and figuring out tracking so I could very well be doing something wrong.
  14. ItsDavid

    Tracking and Optimizing Paid Traffic to a Website

    My understanding is that CPVLab Pro is supposed to be able to, however, I have not been able to get it working. I have to reach out to support to find out if there is something I'm not doing correctly. Here is a link to the documentation I could also be...
  15. ItsDavid

    Tracking and Optimizing Paid Traffic to a Website

    I have an adult cam website that I would like to send paid traffic to. My understanding is that tracking website traffic is very different than tracking a landing page. I could be wrong and misunderstanding. I have a license for CPVLab Pro Expert. I am not sure if this is the right tool to use...
  16. ItsDavid

    START HERE - Pops Guide - The Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing

    Well, looks like MOBIPIUM has killed this follow along for me. They denied my account.
  17. ItsDavid

    Step 1 - Apply for MOBIPIUM

    I have just learned about this follow along and signed up, however, I am now confused as hell. I received the email to answer the questions which I replied to and this was the response I received. Dear Partner, Thanks for reaching out! I will be out of the office until October 7th with...
  18. ItsDavid

    Affiliate Marketing Courses

    @servandosilva i did not see that one. Thank you for pointing it out. I will check it out. I do have a tracker, CPVLab Pro to be exact. They have been doing some amazing updates. I have not fully mastered it yet.
  19. ItsDavid

    Affiliate Marketing Courses

    Hello all, I am trying to wrap my head around learning affiliate marketing. This community is a big help, however, it’s not getting me to a point of feeling confident in shelling out my money to use tools that I will first have to learn to use at hefty prices. I’m feeling like there is a lot of...