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  1. gratified2

    Lemonads affiliate network template for Kintura

    Hello, I just discovered that Kintura does not have a template for Lemonads. So, I just added that name without a template and started added offers. Can anyone confirm what I did is correct? Thanks
  2. gratified2

    Follow Along My Follow Along entry for the Zeropark $3,500 contest

    🎯 Traffic Source:ZeroPark Pop 🔧 Tracking Tool:Kintura ✅ Affiliate Network:Monetizer 👍 Type of Offer:Global Smartlink 💰 Offer Payout:Varies 🏆 I believe this campaign will be successful because:My knowledge of campaign optimization and data anlysis has improved significantly 🔍 I am unsure about...
  3. gratified2

    Follow Along My first campaign after finishing Luke's epic Pops Guide - The Beginners Guide

    🎯 Traffic Source:pPopAds 🔧 Tracking Tool:Kintura ✅ Affiliate Network:Traffic Company 👍 Type of Offer:Click2Call IVR 💰 Offer Payout:Rev. Share CPA 🏆 I believe this campaign will be successful because:I have enough basic knowledge to get started and I believe input from this community will keep...
  4. gratified2

    Newbie feeling overwhelmed

    I am a newbie and have been a part of this forum for a month. I completed Luke's Pops Guide-The Beginners Guide. In it, I completed my first campaign and ended up in the red. That's ok b/c I learned a lot. Now, I want to expand on what I've learned and run my next campaign. @Luke suggested I...
  5. gratified2

    New to the Forum

    Hello, I am gratified2 from Atlanta, GA. I look forward to interacting with you all and sharing my input/insights as appropriate. I also hope to learn a lot here.