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    How To Integrate CloudFlare?

    Hey guys I need some help with setting up my cloudflare with my @Binom tracker/server . I’m using digital ocean for my server and namecheap for my domain. I have my server in the geo location where I want to run my campaigns. I learned that will speed up the landing page as well. I have...
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    When Cut Targets In Zeropark

    I’m using @Zeropark as a new traffic sources and it’s pretty cool and straight forward. I love the layout and it’s easy to use. I need to know what’s the best practice when setting up rules. Let’s say my payout is $1. For example, should I cut the targets or source when it hits 2x-3x the offer...
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    How To Make Good ZeroPark Creatives

    I've been spying on @Zeropark ads and seen some good ideas to use. I use @AdPlexity and @Anstrex. @AdPlexity does not have @Zeropark ads what a shame. So I use @Anstrex. let me get to the point. When I spy on @Zeropark ads within @Anstrex I see a big Creative and a small Creative. Check the...
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    How to run push ads in ZeroPark

    I got accepted into @Zeropark 2 days ago and need some advice. When running push ads, where do I start? RON or Sources? Can someone explain in detail what RON means for one Geo? And how is it different than sources. I know target should be done after I find good zones right? One more thing. I...
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    How to get into ZeroPark

    I applied to @Zeropark about 3 hours ago and got rejected. I have no idea why. I spend 6-7k a month on @PropellerAds running push and I want to do the same on @Zeropark. And I w I also put in the application that I’m apart of But I think I messed up on when they ask the offer I...
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    How To Spy On Propeller Ads (Native) ?

    Hey guys I need your help. I know @AdPlexity for push shows Propeller Ads. I just wanted to know if I get @AdPlexity native with it show me Propeller Ads running on native?
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    How to set up Snapchat ads with Binom Tracker

    Hey guys. I’m about to test of Snapchat ads. I see that they use a pixel just like Facebook ads. How do I set this up with the Binom tracker. Do I place the pixel on all the landing pages I want to use or do I place it on my tracker. I’m assuming the landing page. Also what tokens do I...
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    Running Ads On Facebook?

    I’m interested in running ads on Facebook. I would like to run sweepstakes. I hear people are still able to do this. Does anyone know or can point me in the right direction. I’m looking for info on how to do this. I know accounts get banned but what else is new. They have the traffic. Let me know
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    Propellerads Zone ID’s (Scaling)

    Hey guys I need your help. I’m running campaigns on @PropellerAds and I need to know the ins and outs about Zone ID’s. I have a campaign on a specific Geo and it’s breaking even and some days I see a profit. I optimized my campaign by eliminating Zones ID’s, Cities and devices. Now when I...
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    Propellerads IS DOWN!!??

    I’m using @PropellerAds at the moment and I realized that traffic stop. I contacted them about this and they said they are having technical difficulty and will fix it soon. Has anybody else experienced this today? Dang right when I found a few profitable campaigns. 😢😔 What’s the best...
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    How To Clean Landing Pages

    This is not an AD for @nitin!! And he is not paying me to say this. I felt like posting this because it help me save time and money. I seen @nitin ad for cleaning landing pages and thought “here we go with another shameless plug and...
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    Landing Pages Translation

    Has anybody used I ask this because it seems to be a better way to translate languages better than google translate. I learned of this site thru a member of I usually have the guys at fivver do it for $5-50 depending on how many words. I usually get 4...
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    How To Change The Colors On A Landing Page?

    Hey guys, This is one of the 257 landing pages I got from Adplexity's $1 sale. I have been looking at the code and can't seem to change the colors. I want to change whatever is Orange to Yellow or any other color I want. I'm using Coda for mac btw. I tried to use purelander but no luck. Can you...
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    Anybody Using Coda?

    I’m using Coda as my HTML editor and I love it. I use it because @Luke recommended it. Super simple and easy. My question is how do I go about doing a mass edit. For example I want to Identify And swap out all the out going links with my click URL. I’ve been looking for this short cut for a...
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    Cool Scripts For Landing Pages

    Hey guys I just read @iamattile blogpost about push traffic in 2019. Great read btw. I need you guys help. In the blogpost he talks about a script that will steal someone else traffic if...
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    Peerfly Is Shutting Down.

    @Luke whats going on. Nooooooooo. How did this happen? You guys just changed platforms. Any insights?
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    Running Sweepstakes On Facebook

    Hey guy, I have a question. Can I run cpa sweepstakes offers on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat? I wanted to ask you guys 1st before I start only to have my accounts banned. I’m not with the whole FB account buying cat and mouse blackhat stuff. I’d rather do long term whitehat marketing. The...
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    Megapush ol Megapush!!!!

    Hey guys what’s up, I hope the title got y’all attention. Let’s get right into it. I have used @MegaPush in the past with no luck at all. I mean the network was buggy as hell. And every time I came close to breaking even my campaign would fail. I tried to scale by cutting feeds and that didn’t...
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    Landing Page Protection Needed

    Hey guys, I Was wondering if anyone on the form has a script for landing page protection? For example: When someone rips my page I want to be able to steal their traffic. Please share here
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    Adplexity Cloaked Landing Pages

    Hey guys I need your help. I’m using @AdPlexity for push and wanted to know if the lander I download is the cloaked (money page) or the (safe page)? I ask this because whenever I would download a lander from adplexity, it would be different from the links click within the redirect chain...