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    Hello! How can I make sure that my Aws account set up is correct? I think I fixed everything correctly but I wanna make sure I didnt make any mistake. I bought a domain, mails forwarded to my private mail box and it works Then I created a certificate in Amazon+Bucket, cloudfront distribution...
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    Hello Everyone! Whereas I will do paid traffic campaigns, I am thinking to start to write a blog. I think I can write 1-2 articles per month at least, that will be a in 2 years a pretty nice content. After that can I monetize it if there is enough traffic? Any advice how to start blogging or If...
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    Newbie question about tracker

    Hello guys! Based on Nick Push Up course I will start finally my journey this week. So I have decided to go with Voluum tracker and I think for me the Discover fo 89 would be enough. I was told by costumer service that I should go for Profit subscription for 149 because then I will have a...
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    Hi guys. A bit off topic. So I do sportbetting in Denmark, I have account at more bookies, however I go back to Slovakia for a few months and I want to keep doing betting, but in Slovakia most of the foreign bookies are banned. Whats the solution. Should I use vpn? Or bookies gonna recognize? Thx
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    What do you think? Deberoo

    Hi Would like to ask what do You think about this Colin Dijss program? It sounds good, expensive, but You will get tracker and landing page builder as well. Also there is a course and coaching for newbies. I am a newbie so it could make my progress faster I...
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    Can I take action immediately with follow along

    Hi I read I think too much and most of it I already forgot. So I was thinking to start, make a follow along and You gonna help me, meanwhile I can find the correct thread. I am newbie. Can I do like that?
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    My goals and way I would like to start

    Hey Guys! So I havent made a follow along, posting here just curious what do You think about my plan. So from April I can each month save 1k-1,5k only for affiliate marketing. I know its not a huge amount and probably I am going to lose at the beginning part of it. My goal is to become full...
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    I am back

    Hi My name is Adam and want to start affiliate marketing. Was a part of this forum but due to lack of time and budget I suspended my subscription. I am Hungarian from Slovakia living in Copenhagen. Now still busy but can spend 10-15 hours weekly only for affiliate. My short term goal is to...
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    Getting a job till become a full time affiliate

    Hi everyone! Currently I am doing a labour job in Denmark and I am looking for another job. Unfortunately I dont speak Danish so far, therefore my chances are lower to get a good job. I was thinking that will see around among jobs that focus on online marketing. So my question is what should I...
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    Podcast, youtube

    Hi guys! Because of my job I drive every day 10+hours. So I was thinking in order to gain my productivity I would listen or watch podcasts or Youtube channels or sth like that. Do you know a good one on YouTube for instance? If I write affiliate marketing there are millions of videos and lot of...
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    Hungry Hungarian from Slovakia!

    Hey everyone! My name is Adam Bott from Slovakia (but I am hungarian). Just moved to Copenhagen, where got a job delivery guy. I work every day, so wont be easy to find some time for this project, however will do my best for sure! My goal is become a full time online marketer. Was thinking...