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  1. Neil

    Follow Along #PA10k - Pops & Interstitial to Casino List

    What problems did you have with propush on push traffic? I have been using it for quite a while on both pops and push with no issues Good luck with the FA though, interested to see how this goes.
  2. Neil

    PropellerAds $10000+ Follow Along Contest (BIGGEST EVER!) #PA10k

    Think Joey says it best....
  3. Neil

    Hey everyone, I am Kevin, A newbie here!

    Hey Kevin welcome to our community If you're new to affiliate marketing then I'd suggest you check out our free guides They're a great place to start your journey and learn the basics. Also, be sure to check...
  4. Neil

    How do you run your RONs? What's your best practice?

    wow 100 GEO's!! But what he said ☝️☝️
  5. Neil

    Guide Step by step to host your landing pages in your own vultr server

    systemctl enable --now php-fpm This command does both start the service and marks it to start at boot so you only need that one command, not 2! ;) FYI it also works with disable so to stop and unmark a service to start at boot systemctl disable --now php-fpm There have been a few posts...
  6. Neil

    Guide Step by step to host your landing pages in your own vultr server

    yes 100% Off top of my head looks about right but you should run systemctl enable --now php As well to start and enable service at boot, double-check the service name though as I'm on my phone so I cant look
  7. Neil


    true lol maybe a thumbs down? 👎
  8. Neil

    Case Study: How to Make $600 a Day with Dating Affiliate Offers

    Now that would be awesome and I bet would generate a lot of interest
  9. Neil

    Guide Step by step to host your landing pages in your own vultr server

    Yes you can Use Rocky Linux instead, it’s basically CentOS just a spin off after Red Hat decided to go down the stream route 😉
  10. Neil

    My Rule of One - My Journey to Green

    I would have to disagree somewhat as I think you missed the point, or maybe I didn't explain it well, which could be the case? Just picking a traffic source, offer or anything without doing your due diligence is doomed to failure! In the instance above, the traffic source was pre-determined...
  11. Neil

    My Rule of One - My Journey to Green

    Cheers dude Thanks I can only hope 🤞 Absolutely 😎
  12. Neil

    Popads not accepting payment method!!

    Popcash have a $5 minimum deposit, however, I've never used them so cannot say how good or bad they are!
  13. Neil

    Popads not accepting payment method!!

    1 - Yes you shouldn’t have any issues with any pop source 2 - I believe they both have a minimum deposit of $100
  14. Neil

    S3 and Cloudflare

    Cloudfront is a CDN and Cloudflare proxied connections are basically a CDN so you're CDN'ing your CDN! Why do you want to use Cloudflare, for the DNS?
  15. Neil

    My Rule of One - My Journey to Green

    Starting in affiliate marketing can be exciting and daunting at the same time, exciting in that you are finally taking action to that goal of 'living the dream' and daunting in the fact that you suddenly realise you have absolutely no idea what the hell you are doing. Well, you can be happy...
  16. Neil

    Follow Along PopAds + Zeydoo (First Campaign)

    Starting with that many GEO's I wouldn't expect much other than to find something to then target on, it would be almost impossible to optimise for so many GEO's! Focus on 1 maybe 2 from your initial test and try to optimize them, also $5 for such a wide net is not really going to give you much...
  17. Neil

    Popads not accepting payment method!!

    Adcash is another that has given me some decent results lately
  18. Neil

    Guide Collect and monetize push subs with TC Ads 💲

    I didn’t know they had a push network, looks very interesting
  19. Neil

    Guide Scripts for automating subdomain creation

    Me personally I would only open ports on the firewall that i need and leave others closed but that's just my inner security geek telling me that, like I also always change the SSH port ;) But either would work
  20. Neil

    Hello everyone

    Hey Robert welcome to our community, we're glad you have joined us. If you're new to affiliate marketing be sure to check out our guides Also worth a look is Nick's getting started thread...