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  1. topspot

    Bye bye

    Yet again my campaigns that I have paused 2 or 3 months ago have suddenly reactivated without me even logging in. Thank you @MegaPush for wasting my money for me...much appreciated! On top of that their support don't seem to give a crap, their interface is cluncky and their traffic is...
  2. topspot

    Anyone Spot the New Additions?

    I've just spotted the new additions, SMS and Tel# in the link section and a "social" addition so you can target Male or Females. Could be some cheap pay per call traffic to be had:-
  3. topspot

    Not Impressed With Support

    I was targeting Mexico in one of my campaigns with just the FEED pleacement yet more than 50% of the traffic was coming from USA, there was also alot of duplicate clicks.. This is the first day I started the campaign:- This is their first response;- "Hello there, your targeting to Mexico...