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  1. topspot

    Propellerads IS DOWN!!??

    It's just come through on their telegram that everything is now working again.
  2. topspot

    Follow Along Campaign Off to a Horrible Start

    I wouldn't target Instagram at first as it's a different beast to FB, it's like mixing in two different traffic sources into one campaign which usually isn't a good idea.
  3. topspot

    Propellerads IS DOWN!!??

    No it's not resolved, my campaigns aren't showing the conversions on their end, here is what their support said:- "I recommend not to launch any campaigns until we make an official announcement that situation is totally under control in our telegram channel. "
  4. topspot

    Did anyone get this email from Amazon s3 ?

    Yeah that looks correct.
  5. topspot

    Did anyone get this email from Amazon s3 ?

    No you don't want to touch that, scroll down to Public access
  6. topspot

    Did anyone get this email from Amazon s3 ?

    Yes I did about one of my buckets and I just changed the write options.
  7. topspot

    Favorite smartlink and why?

    Are you using Bemob by any chance Captndave? Last week I was back and fourth with Bemob and my mobipium AM trying to get the conversions to fire with no success, bemob said they would contact my AM on Monday to see about adding them to the tracker but I don't know if they have.
  8. topspot

    Favorite smartlink and why?

    When I joined they asked for proof of earnings in other networks, I had to send them images that showed both earnings and my name in the account so they know they're not faked out.
  9. topspot

    Follow Along Sweepstakes Mobvista - PropellerAds - Bemob

    I wouldn't stop this campaign just yet @amazone as it's clearly getting conversions from somewhere you just need to find out what is converting. You obviously need to sort out your tracking, can you see the converting sub ID's in your affiliate network so you can manually add the conversions to...
  10. topspot

    Follow Along Propeller Ads + lospollos(Mainstream) + Bemob

    You mean you aren't getting paid for the leads you are generating? I would contact @LosPollos if that's the case to see why, maybe you need to block that GEO.
  11. topspot

    Follow Along First Follow Along: Max Bounty + Sweeps + Push Traffic

    Yup, looks like some wires have been crossed with the user age @AdMaven :) Quite alot, if your ad is blind copy your CTR might be higher but your conversions will be lower, if you are more descriptive in your ad copy your CTR will be lower but it will be more targeted traffic.
  12. topspot

    Follow Along Bing Ads with Clickbank and Custom LP

    Yeah you need to increase your CPC. Over the years there have been a ton of courses teaching to set all your keywords at broad match and bid low, even as low as $0.05 and see what happens, yeah, depending on the niche you can maybe pick up a few cheap keywords but 9/10 you'll just get garbage...
  13. topspot

    Follow Along Bing Ads with Clickbank and Custom LP

    I think you're pausing your ads way too early @meghani , you need to be judging your ads on their CTR and conversion rates not on how many clicks they have had. Having a high CTR is essential as it effects your quality score, your quality score is your gauge on how well you are doing compared to...
  14. topspot

    Sweep + Maxbounty + Propeller + Bemob

    Your postback in Maxbounty should look like bemobtrk. com/postback?cid=#S2#
  15. topspot

    Is it true that bing Syndicated Search Partners traffic suck?

    It totally depends @bivekp as with the search partners you have to treat them like you would with Zones on other platforms, block the non performing ones, I've had awesome results with bing search partners, people who say they suck usually don't know that you can block the bad publishers.
  16. topspot

    Automatic Optimization

    Heay @Luke what is the optimizer you are testing? I'm currently using
  17. topspot

    Megapush have by far the worst support I've ever contacted.

    Out of all the different traffic sources people are using in this forum the only one that constantly keeps popping up with complaints is Megapush, these guys are a joke, I too have had feeds that I have switched off still burnng budget weeks later and I don't mean a few clicks here and there...
  18. topspot

    Follow Along Propeller Ads & Peerfly - My First Campaign

    @Tyoussef cpvlabis still on the go by an old programmer under and it's all upto date and running as normal now. Total mystery what happened to the founder though lol
  19. topspot

    Follow Along AdMaven + Push Offers + PeerClick

    @Luke Propellerads have stopped their smartlinks now:- Smart Link Push project news Smart Link Push project is stopped since February 25th. Please, note that all the links created before that date are disabled
  20. topspot

    Guide 510,435 sent emails with 42.16% average open rate. Here’s what I’ve learned!

    Awesome stuff, I've been using Glockapps for several months, I think it's a "must have" tool.