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  1. Vimmy

    Case Study $18,000 FOR TESTS

    Last week, we published a case study from which it might seem that to make a profit of $15K a month, you just need to launch a campaign and enjoy the green lines in the tracker. Each of you who launched at least...
  2. Vimmy

    Case Study $15k profit on Calendar push per month. Easy!

    How many scary, creepy, and blood-curdling stories about ad and affiliate networks have you heard? Affiliate marketing is dead, bot traffic is roaming the networks, the affiliate program will trick and take all your income, there are zombies in tech support. Sound familiar? Most of them are...
  3. Vimmy

    Will the Calendar Push format continue to work after the release of iOS 15? Expert forecasts.

    A cause for panic? Ad format Calendar Push and new iOS15 update. Two weeks ago, on September 20, the official release of the updated version for Apple devices - iOS 15 took place. This news sparked a heated discussion among affiliates and website owners working with the Calendar Push format...
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    :)We’re happy to join affLIFT. If you’re looking for an ad network which uses only time-tested technology solutions for designing a collection system, ad campaign rotation, and statistics analysis for our customers, then you should join Vimmy. You will get: ✅ Own database with more than 600...
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    Friends, attention, attention! This is very important information! Affiliate marketers remember 2018 and the performance of push traffic, when any verticals rose to the top and the profit was measured in five-digit numbers. It’s been 3 years now and this market has changed a lot: competition...
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    Official Vimmy - Ad Network. Push Traffic That Converts.

    Dear affLIFT forum members! We’re happy to join affLIFT. In this official thread we will answer your questions and share news & insights. Feel free to ask us anything. We’ll be happy to help you to earn more with Vimmy. You will get precisely what you need for a fast and smooth work, we make...