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  1. L_Chee

    Make Use Of These 2 FREE Websites

    Hey all, I hope you guys and gals are doing well. I wasn’t planning to write this post but what I am about to show you has “saved” my campaigns twice with the most recent one being just a couple of hours ago prior-to me writing this post. (The latter was caused by a problem with my hosting...
  2. L_Chee

    Need help with Kintura + Adcash

    Hi everyone, This question is specifically for those who are familiar with Kintura & Adcash. I need help with verifying tracking for my campaign/goal on Adcash. I know this is not a support group but there's a reason I posted these support-related questions here instead of reaching out to...
  3. L_Chee

    How Advanced Is Bot Traffic? Updated July 24. 2020, September 3.2020 # Zeydoo review

    Hey All, It was only a couple of days ago that I read a post from @doubledouble about fraudulent traffic and shortly after that, this happened: So I was being "suspected" of sending bot traffic to an offer I was promoting and have all my earning for that specific offer temporarily revoked...
  4. L_Chee

    Winning zones/sites.

    Hey all, I hope everyone is doing ok. Have you guys ever been in a situation where your offer is converting on 🔥 in 1 specific zone/site in a traffic source, and you thought you found a winning zone and then all of a sudden, that zone/ site stopped sending you traffic after a couple of hours...
  5. L_Chee

    CPA Goal Pricing Model

    Hey affLIFTers, So I was analyzing an on click (popunder) campaign on Propellerads and then I remembered the CPA Goal 2.0 pricing model and I thought why not give it a try. I then paused my existing campaign and created a new one for that same offer using the CPA Goal 2.0 pricing model and...
  6. L_Chee

    Look what I found

    Anyone notice this? :p:p
  7. L_Chee

    Shady Ads On Google Adwords???

    Hey AffLIFTers, How is this kind of ad allowed on Google Adwords/Adsense? **The texts in the ad mean "watch video". When you click on it, you'll be brought to this page, which we're all familiar with. lol And what's ridiculous is, the only way to "get rid" of that page is by closing the...
  8. L_Chee

    Affilite Tracking, from browser to app?

    Hi AffLIFTers, Not sure if this is the best place to ask this but I'll try my luck anyway😂 Recently I joined an affilite network which focuses on CPS model and there was one particular offer that caught my eyes. The offer was pretty much the similiar to Amazon, an ecommerce store and they...
  9. L_Chee

    Should I kill these campaigns?

    Hey everyone, Hope you're having a good day. Below is a screenshot of the stats (Optimized) from some campaigns that I am currently running on propellerads. Method: Direct-linking GEO: 1st & 3rd- ID, 2nd & 4th-US I started these campaigns 4 days ago and I got not a single conversion (so...
  10. L_Chee

    Clicks Not Showing Up In Report

    Hi all, I ran a campaign in Megapush and I noticed that a lot of clicks are not showing up in my PeerFly report and I'm wondering what to do next:unsure: This is the stats in Megapush: 1043 clicks (as at the time of this writing). and this is the stats in PeerFly: That's almost 640...
  11. L_Chee Hates Amazon!!!

    Sorry For the clickbait title:LOL::LOL: I was testing an offer from PeerFly (capitalized F:p)on Megapush and It was rejected after about an hour under moderation. Offer: $100 Amazon Gift Card (32029) GEO: US The Reason: Unacceptable Geo??? So I contacted them via live chat and here's...
  12. L_Chee

    (Solved) Adding Funds To Megapu.Sh Account

    (This is not a How-To guide) Admin, please delete this post if it's offensive Hi guys and gals, Is it just me or everyone else find it's kinda hard /frustrating to add funds to Megapush account? I am hoping @MegaPush or @Luke can tell me what I was doing wrong (if there is any) Here's what I...