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  1. MoneyManMaverick


    Hello guys, I could use your help with some campaigns I'm running. They're all run on tier 3 GEOs, have LPs & are recommended by the aff network's AM. They ran for about 10hrs or so, not a full 24hrs. The top one is active CPA, $1 p/o The center is paused Content Locking, p/o $0.10 The bottom...
  2. MoneyManMaverick

    Follow Along Survey Pop Intermediate Guide [Contest Entry]

    Hello affLIFTers, I'm super pumped to do my first FA as a newcomer to this illustrious community. @Nick course was a great guide for beginners & I'll be making entries based on his course methods. 🎯 Traffic Source: PropellerADs 🔧 Tracking Tool: BeMob 💰 Affiliate Network: Zeydoo 🛍️ Type of...
  3. MoneyManMaverick

    🤯$9 = 32 Conversions. Should I Kill Or Optimize More?

    Hello affLIFTer's, I just finished the second testing phase with @Luke course on Pop's Guide - for Beginner's & got 32 conversions in total after an AD spend of $9. My issue as a newbie, is I'm unsure if to continue trying to optimize this campaign to make back the $10 at least....or if to...