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    Retargeting push traffic

    Hi Which push traffic sources provide retargeting? please share. Thanks
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    Domain redirect traffic

    Hi all, I was reading about the "types of traffic": the type of traffic domain traffic or domain redirects interested me a lot. As they are from misspelled domains, it means always a live person is sitting on the keyboard typing for a domain. There is zero chance of bot traffic in this case. Am...
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    Looking for another push traffic source.

    Hi, I am targeting some mobile offers in Pakistan. Currently taking traffic from propeller ads but not enough traffic. Anybody have experience, which network has much push traffic available for Pakistan? thanks
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    Not tracking cost??

    Hi everybody, Tracker BeMob Traffic source: PropellerAds (push notifications) Cost is not being tracked?? The campaigns above are also using the same beMob + properllerad and same parameters : cost{cost} Please any suggestions !! Thanks in advance.
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    Can somebody join from Pakistan....?

    Hi, A friend of mine wants to join from PAKISTAN. But he is not sure what kind of obstacles he is going to face on his way to affiliate marketing. Will there be any issues of being accepted by affiliate networks and traffic providers? What kind of payment issues will he encounter? Any other...
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    Setting it on Global & local !

    Hi all, While setting a campaign, I set my geo on my landing page on global, offer on global, campaign also on global. because I still have to identify the exact 4-5 countries where I have to run my offer. I will target these 4-5 targeted Geos when I will set the campaign in the traffic...
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    What kind of offer is it?

    Hi Everybody, I saw an offer on Anstrex with very high ad strength and gravity score. The offer is running for two weeks. When I visited their page the offer link is directing to a newspaper article about lungs condition...
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    Am I making some error in tracking?

    Hi everybody, The tracker is not tracking clicks, conversions? conversions did not happen at all or some tracking error? This is a sweepstake offer. Traffic on propellerAds Running with smartCPM & second campaign with CPM Am I making some errors in tracking? please hint Thanks in advance
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    How to locate the affiliate network ?

    Hi Leaders, I have just started using the spy tool Anstrex for push. I earmarked a sweepstake ad with a very good gravity score and ad strength. But how to locate the affiliate network that offers it? I want to go to the same network to find the same or similar offer? is this the correct...
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    Am struggling with tracking!

    I am running a campaign but am missing something in tracking: My offer is from mobidea. Tracking is also mobidea.I am using my custom domain. Traffic source: PropellerAds My campaign URL:${SUBID}&placement={zoneid}&var1={campaignid} Tracking...
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    Follow along

    I started this campaign on 10.04.20 from mobidea traffic : propellerads 1-The daily budget is not consuming. my cpa bid is too low?? or propellerads does not have enough traffic?? What is the possible reason? 2- I increased the goalCPA today and the campaign kicks up to some extend...
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    3882 % ROI with no traffic?

    I stopped the traffic and stopped the campaign. Then from where these sign-ins come? can anybody explain? Thanks
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    How to add "click URL" into the lander?

    Hi all, I am creating a campaign on yepads + bemob can anybody tell please how to add "click URL" into the lander? As far as I know, we have to open the lander in brackets and add this "click URL" from the campaign links" in some file here. Any help? Thanks
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    Can any body reflect on it? Low bid getting more impressions!!

    Hi all, When we create campaign in popads the bid distribution map is show something like this? How come that low bid receives more impressions? Where am I missing something? Thanks in advance for help. can anybody reflect on it that how come that low bid is getting more impressions?