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  1. Chipleads

    Official Chipleads affiliate network - dating, crypto, forex, gambling, CFD, sweepstakes, nutra

    There we go! We are Chipleads - Finland based guys who makes fun of generating revenues for our partners! And here we are with first selection of this week! ID 3 - Dating Smartlink CPL SOI|DOI WW [adult|casual] ID 652 - Dating Smartlink CPL SOI|DOI WW [adult|casual] ID 763 - Dating mainstream...
  2. Chipleads

    Chipleads affiliate network says hello to everyone!

    Hi everyone! Chipleads affiliate network is here! We are mad about sweepstakes, dating, crypto, forex, CFD and gambling and happy to get in touch both for affiliates and direct advertisers! We are here for a long time! Have a nice day! Register or enter for most competitive offers and payouts...