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  1. cyb3rg3ar

    Zeropark Follow Along Contest - $3,500 in Prizes - BIGGEST EVER!

    Received my participation prize! Thanks Zeropark and @Luke for the contest 🤩
  2. cyb3rg3ar

    Zeropark Community Favorite Follow Along - Vote for your FAVORITE!

    good luck everyone. even though I do think sushi's thread was full of good insight, it shows you how to actually go through offer selection what things to look out for when researching, etc. but I also feel most people do their research properly to avoid RED. But as with most things support...
  3. cyb3rg3ar

    Why Are My Affiliate Marketing Campaigns Failing? Here Are the Top 5 Beginner Mistakes.

    use CPA type traffic sources,monetizer to do proper research or a smart CPA sources. this thread by @DEADZ
  4. cyb3rg3ar

    Looking for a network to monetize my website.

    have you tried propeller ads?
  5. cyb3rg3ar

    Follow Along ZP Push traffic to profitability!🤗

    this is last week's performance for this campaign. This is not the full ROI since it doesn't include my monetizer $$, but I am neglecting those as I see my tracker costs and traffic source costs have lil difference and it was all automated after the first week or so I don't have any complaints...
  6. cyb3rg3ar

    🤑 How I built my OWN push subscriber base and increased my ROI 🤑

    It's great to see that you actually went ahead and made it revshare, I hope it is implemented the same way we discussed(Revenue generated from affiliate's own campaigns is being split) For this very reason, I hesitated to build my list. if @mukil can provide more clarity over this (like what...
  7. cyb3rg3ar

    Follow Along ZP Push traffic to profitability!🤗

    some problems occurred, I won't mention them in this post(not related) because of which I couldn't launch any new campaigns. This is the overall performance for this week though.
  8. cyb3rg3ar

    Follow Along ZP Push traffic to profitability!🤗

    still going the same. nothing really significant to update, but if I look at past 7 days performance its probably breakeven or $20-30 profit, yesterday I created more creatives so I will be launching those today and run multiple geos on other traffic sources as I have more balance there, I know...
  9. cyb3rg3ar

    Follow Along ZP Push traffic to profitability!🤗

    now have to scale this to more $$/day hopefully. thanks, also 1 thing I forgot to mention in my last post is to check your 3days/weekly data and blacklist all the placements with 1-2 visits each after bidding high on those sources and confirming that you won't get any traffic just blacklist...
  10. cyb3rg3ar

    Follow Along ZP Push traffic to profitability!🤗

    After removing unprofitable sources. I get a decent ROI but as you can see my ad spent is not that much so it will be hard to make big numbers. I will keep this running and recoup my few dollars which I lost on unprofitable sources. It's not much traffic available so bidding high will only make...
  11. cyb3rg3ar

    Follow Along ZP Push traffic to profitability!🤗

    Well looks like this campaign is progressing somewhere to green at least, it also has some past data though but still very slow progress :D so couple of things, I noticed few android versions,browsers, etc which were negative, removed those. Blacklisted a few sources, I will continue to BL...
  12. cyb3rg3ar

    Giveaway 💰 $4,700+ in Prizes 😲 Reply to participate

    ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇ THIS IS MY ENTRY I hope to win any spytool :D because I like to catch big whales... ⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆
  13. cyb3rg3ar

    PUSHBOT - A Push Messaging Automation Dedicated For Affiliates

    I would like to test, in fact, I was looking for something like this. sent a PM!
  14. cyb3rg3ar

    Ad Account Disabled for Policy Violation

    did you get it? you didn't update here.
  15. cyb3rg3ar

    Follow Along ZP Push traffic to profitability!🤗

    Well my ads didn't spend much, I might need to increase the bid more(m already bidding more than the min suggested bid) and I am using the incremental strategy I like how overall traffic costs averages out. anyway here is the performance. Revenue Cost : 16.74 Revenue : 9.49 + $2 = 11.49 I...
  16. cyb3rg3ar

    Follow Along Here Goes Nothing - My First Follow Along

    Hey @Gregorydlc why are you runnin USA?????? they don't even have Sweeps offer for USA. you are just wasting your traffic. do proper research then launch campaigns.
  17. cyb3rg3ar

    Follow Along ZP Push traffic to profitability!🤗

    just a quick update few things went wrong I accidentally deleted my monetizer domain as I was clearing up my expired domains(i had 10 subdomains which I wasn't using :D). I have also been experiencing some 404 errors on their site so it took some time to set up my domain but its working fine...
  18. cyb3rg3ar

    Follow Along My Newbie Journey to (the west) to find profitable campaign with Zeropark and achieve $ 50 to $100 Per Day

    @amazone I think you are going too fast and just burning your budget. you should try to focus on 1 vertical at a time and then decide whether to continue with this vertical or not at this rate you will just end up burning your budget tbh.
  19. cyb3rg3ar

    Follow Along ZP Push traffic to profitability!🤗

    yes I m aware, I will try to keep everything in check! and avoid premature optimization. :D I have data from my old campaigns so it should help but I will be running in totally different geos so performance and optimization will vary lets see!
  20. cyb3rg3ar

    Need help!!

    it doesn't look appealing engaging to be honest there are so many things missing. Have a look at the spy tools try spypush they have free trial for few days for few geos. you can also try its free but links don't work most of the time.