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  1. Niceb00y

    Affiliate Marketing Promo Codes and Coupons

    Hi Luke, if it's still available, I would like one ...
  2. Niceb00y

    Need help with integrating lander to getresponse

    When you create form in GR, you choose plain HTML, and then you have option there "custom thank you page URL" . If you add there URL this is where it will redirect after optin .
  3. Niceb00y

    Need help with integrating lander to getresponse

    I think you have to change in GR form settings to be single optin and there you add the link where to direct people after opting in ....
  4. Niceb00y

    How do you change the bid?

    When running push campaigns, CPC, do you start with the lowest possible bid? How do you decide to increase or decrease the bid? How often?
  5. Niceb00y

    Propeller Ads dropping traffic and quality after 2 days.

    Do you have to duplicate the ad to improve CTR of creatives, or modifying the original will do the same job? Also is the image the most important or text also matters? What is good CTR for push ads?
  6. Niceb00y

    Problem with tracking conversions in PropellerAds

    I had similar problem recently, which affiliate network is the offer from ?
  7. Niceb00y

    PureLander landing page ripper , do you have to clean the page?

    When you rip landers with PureLander do you still need to clean them, or will it happen automatically after you rip the page and all links will get replaced?
  8. Niceb00y

    Looking for an email marketer to outsource

    I was looking into email marketing a lot and kind of know everything that you would need to do. What do you mean that emails are verified? Did they optin to your list through the form or you got a list and verified that emails are working ? If they optin to your list then you can just use any...
  9. Niceb00y

    Step 13 - Success / Failure Stories

    I have been running a financial survey offer for the last 2 weeks, and it's making me around $15 profit per day, very happy about that. Is it possible to scale this, maybe? Also all the traffic and conversions are coming mostly from only 3 zones. How can I get more traffic from other zones also...
  10. Niceb00y

    How to apply for an offer on Monetizer

    I tried again, and it's working before I put # before the ID number and that was the case, thanks for clarification:)
  11. Niceb00y

    How to apply for an offer on Monetizer

    I can also not find offer by the ID number, it doesn't seem to work after you put ID and press filter offers in the search. You have to connect the domain and then next to each offer button "get link" will be active.
  12. Niceb00y

    Step 10 - Campaign Optimization

    Thank you so much for all these tips, I am so happy that I followed this guide, I learned so much from you and in only 7 days since I started I am going to hit $300 today in conversions. I have very big click loss, more than 40%, but I am still profitable... Got some nice motivation to continue
  13. Niceb00y

    Step 10 - Campaign Optimization

    Hi @Nick How do you optimize your landing pages? You started with 6 and removed 2 I think. What about the remaining 4? Do you choose the winner and keep only 1? Or you make 5 new for another optimization? If I make 5 new and it turns out that are not performing so good then the one that is...
  14. Niceb00y

    Popunder Propeller CPA 2.0 campaign running out of daily budget

    Thanks, stats are looking better today, But I am getting much less traffic than yesterday when I started the campaign, I have to figure the "win rate" on Propellerads, yesterday was 15% and today is 1%, but my recorded CR is higher than yesterday. Maybe I have to increase the bid. Also there...
  15. Niceb00y

    Cyber Monday PropellerAds Promo Codes!

    I would also like to use the promo code, can you make it work please, oh its Dec 3rd, I just seen now ....
  16. Niceb00y

    Popunder Propeller CPA 2.0 campaign running out of daily budget

    My campaign run out of daily budget twice already today. My initial budget was $10 per day, what is more than 100x of the conversion payout. I increased budget to $30 per day now. Is this the way to go, when your campaign runs out of budget do you increase it? Also, there is big discrepancy...
  17. Niceb00y

    Step 11 - Relaunch Campaign

    I have 0 under eCPM, is there anything that I have to do to track that ?