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  1. Jahdver

    Why we made Kintura FREE

    Hi guys, I also submitted my application and it is under review 2 days ago. I hope to be approved
  2. Jahdver

    Amazon S3 + Cloudfront

    Yes, yesterday I reviewed that detail and I was able to solve it, thank you very much for your help
  3. Jahdver

    Amazon S3 + Cloudfront

    Hi guys, I am also following the @Nick guide (, but I have a query, in step 4 (permission tab, sub tab bucket policy gives me error when I enter the code ({"Version": "2012-10-17", "Statement": [{"Sid": "AddPerm"...
  4. Jahdver

    Gambling Guide Giveaway + LPs

    Hey! Muchísimas gracias, lo aprovehare! Thank you very much friend, I will take advantage of it🙏 thank you @qiqi
  5. Jahdver

    Gambling Guide Giveaway + LPs

    Hi everyone, after a while I just entered the forum again and I see this nice news, I hope it works well with evadav
  6. Jahdver

    Case Study The Cloaking for FB with PeerClick + Adcombo Offer

    Hi, @Alina PeerClick Can these functions be accessed with a 7-day trial version that you offer?
  7. Jahdver

    FREE Top Converting Landing Pages From Anstrex (Updated Frequently)

    Hi! Thanks for this material, but are the landing download links broken? Can not be downloaded
  8. Jahdver

    AIDA Formula

    Excellent post, I ask if it is similar or different to AI of @Kintura
  9. Jahdver

    [Ask Me Anything] IG Automation + Monetization - DEADZ

    Hi @DEADZ, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and experiences, I really appreciate it. With what you published gave me an idea, I will establish an administration agency and media buying and development services for physical companies, local in my city The purpose is to learn, to...
  10. Jahdver

    ClickerVolt Questions & Answers / Feature Requests & Change Log

    Hi @JackySan , I have a shared namecheap hosting, does clickervolt work well on these types of servers? How many visits can my service support? How many simultaneous visits?
  11. Jahdver

    Christmas gifts from Binom ( some serious discounts ) 🎄 🎄 🎄

    Hello Binom, I am starting in this business, I bought a shared hosting of namecheap, they told me that hostgator was the same, so by offer I bought in namecheap. My question is: How many visits can a shared hosting support using binom? How many simultaneous visits) Do you know how to calculate...
  12. Jahdver

    Merry Christmas! and thanks to PropellerAds!

    wow, merry christmas to all, friends of this forum
  13. Jahdver

    I need help - track my monetizer campaign

    Hi Luke, thanks for responding, if the campaign is new, but I just stopped, because monetizer sent a statement that that offer has been paused by the advertiser, I will continue testing and testing :)
  14. Jahdver

    I need help - track my monetizer campaign

    Hi guys, receive my regards to each of you, I created this post, I have these problems: 1. How do you select offers to promote? What is your bid search process? 2. How much to budget for each offer or campaign? How are budgets handled here? 3. I know how much I recently joined this forum and...
  15. Jahdver

    Official TerraLeads ‒ exclusive COD nutra offers in Europe and Asia.

    Great, I'm applying to Terraleads, I hope to be accepted...
  16. Jahdver

    Hello from Italy

    Hello, micheleald welcome to the forum
  17. Jahdver

    Results of my first test (Pops Guide - The Beginners Guide)

    Hi , sorry for the delay, attached images of the performance of the offers by country First test Second test
  18. Jahdver

    Hello from Peru

    Thanks Webmon
  19. Jahdver

    Technical skills.....

    thank you very much Luke
  20. Jahdver

    Technical skills.....

    Karolina, muchas gracias :) , estoy revisando la información en español que dejaste