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  1. Trampa

    Help me choose a traffic source

    I want to spread my wonderful story of healing from an incurable disease called schizophrenia using modern but little-known methods. If I can do this, many people will learn about how to treat or prevent mental illnesses for free, which are now found in many people. I plan to start with $100...
  2. Trampa

    Need help with email marketing

    I want to sell domain for a big price, for this I need to collect the maximum number of hosting emails and make a mailing list. But as far as I can see from my experience using the mailbox, almost all of these letters will end up in the spam folder. How to make your newsletter...
  3. Trampa

    Looking for Shiba Inu - like coin:)

    Have you managed to make money on super-profitable cryptocurrencies like Shiba Inu? If so, was it an accident or some kind of algorithm, for example, daily tracking of news about cryptocurrencies?