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White Label DSP
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    Which country do you live in?

    I'm from England, but live in Ibiza, Spain :)
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    Yes the lack of competition is very appealing! ;) I have been speaking with my account manager about where their traffic comes from. She has been a bit vague though. Quote " We have many sources, direct and from ad exchanges." Not sure whether to invest the time and money into finding out...
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    Official PropellerAds - Your Advertising network & Global traffic source

    What's your targeting like on Pops? Can you target domains, keywords?
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    Your Favorite PPV Network (Please Rate)

    RTX, still performs the best for me. Although not as good as they were +6 months ago. Never had much joy with Zeropark. I'm looking at PropelMedia and PropelleRads next. Not sure what the targeting is like with PropelleRads though?
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    Hi, Has anyone tried out Thinking about giving their pop traffic a try, but can find very little info about them anywhere!
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    Follow Along 101 Guide To Push Notification

    gulwantgill9 How is it going with this?