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    In-Page Push notifications available on AdOperator!

    Hello! rate card with volumes should be ready very soon :) for more information on in-page push please contact Caterina live:.cid.25925f144370d52c
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    In-Page Push notifications available on AdOperator!

    We are happy to announce that In-Page Push is available on! So, what is it? In-Page Push (IPP) is a new type of traffic for your push campaigns that helps you to show ads on all platforms including iOS and Mac OS! An IPP looks like the usual push notification but it is...
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    TOP Geos April 2020

    Hey guys! Quarantine is not the time to relax but rather adapt to the circumstances ;) Some of our advertisers have achieved incredible results ( which we are extremely proud of) working with the following geos, therefore we have decided to share them with you. HERE ARE TOP 5 CONVERTING GEOS...
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    Traffic sources to promote Mobile App Install Offers? Suggestions?

    Hi, jmkiritsis, pleasure to meet you! Check out AdOperator ( if you're searching for app install traffic, it's one of the best converting verticals on our platform- we offer both push and popunders. Let me know if you have any questions :)
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    First Impression of AdOperator

    Hello everyone! Thank you, Luke, we’re glad your first impression was positive and thanks for feedback too, we’ll make the improvements asap :)
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    Looking for alternative traffic source

    Hey Sarvesh. If these offers are alive (sometimes big CPA networks may forget to disable some offers) it is time to try different traffic sources. At our platform we see many competitors in sweeps niche as well. Maybe you need to try creatives that "more targeted", use hyperlocal tokens like...
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    Do you want to be able to drive traffic to your offer, landing page or website with the help of ads that seamlessly integrate into the webpage or app that the user is currently using? If so, then you are looking into native ads. Native ads are said to receive the best click-thru rates and deliver the highest performance among all ad types. One of the most popular forms of native advertising is the push notification ad. If you want to receive traffic from push ads, one network to try is AdOperator. AdOperator Benefits and Features High-Quality Traffic Push ads require users to opt into receiving notifications first, plus each ad must be clicked in order for the user to visit the landing page. This means the traffic the advertiser receives is 100% human, therefore of high quality. Coverage AdOperator offers world wide traffic, which is great for those looking to expand to international audiences. They have traffic from more than 200 countries. Aside from the location, you can...