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    TES Pre-Conference Beer&BBQ by Converting Team! 9th Sept, Prague

    Hey guys, if you are heading for TES conference in Prague, then you should definitely not miss this one! As Prague is where we are based, we are throwing a proper czechBeer&BBQon 9th September. So stop by, a grab cold beer and have fun in a relaxed atmosphere! Due to the event capacity, the...
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    Tips and recommendations to get approved in top affiliate networks

    This scenario of putting a network out of business completely is not very likely, but one bad affiliate can harm the network's relationship with their advertisers by passing them crap, non-relevant, or even completely fake leads. Especially in whitehat verticals this can put a network into a lot...
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    Whitehat Lead Gen - The vertical affiliates aren't talking about

    Whitehat offers are completely fine with FB as long as you follow FB advertising guidelines - we are running whitehat FB campaigns successfully for ages with no issues. If anyone needs a helping hand, feel free to reach out to us, we are happy to help - plus we have a couple of great inhouse...
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    Guide 👷‍♂️ Building a Longer-Term Whitehat Lead Generation Machine

    Hey Nick, thumbs up for this great thread! We definitely do lead gen offers - and we love it! We genuinely think that whitehat is the way forward. Although you probably won't see as super crazy ROAS on your offers as on other not-so-white verticals, and traffic and funnel take slightly more...
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    Converting Team

    If you are looking to make more money as an affiliate, then Converting Team is the way to go. This Czech-based affiliate network was created with one goal in mind: to help affiliates find success online. They have a team of professionals that includes web developers, marketing experts, and graphic designers who work hard so their affiliates can focus on what they do best -- driving traffic to the offers! Converting Team Features and Benefits One look at the company's website, and you'll know that they are serious about helping their affiliates. Here are some of this network's features that can attract you to join: One of a Kind Offers Providing a consistent stream of new offers that convert well is essential for affiliates, which is why Converting Team's creative and development teams work hard to deliver. And while the quality of their offers speaks for themselves, affiliates will be happy to know that these pay well, too! To be the best, they refuse to work with...
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    Official Converting Team - Leadgen, Casino, Crypto - $$$$ It's all about ROI $$$$

    Hi Varun. This is nothing personal nor anything related to India :-) Thanks for reaching out and we're looking forward to doing business with you!
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    Official Converting Team - Leadgen, Casino, Crypto - $$$$ It's all about ROI $$$$

    Hi Varun! Please send us the email that you have use for your registration in DM and we'll review your account again since you are valuable member of Afflift community.
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    Official Converting Team - Leadgen, Casino, Crypto - $$$$ It's all about ROI $$$$

    Hi all, we are excited to be at Afflift! We provide our affiliates with fresh, fully-tested & most importantly, top-performing offers in Leadgen, Casino and Crypto. We take advantage of having an in-house media team that is constantly testing our offers to ensure that our affiliates are only...