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  1. Laurent

    How top ad agencies run ClickBank offers on Facebook?

    Hey Afflifters! Whether you’ve ever promoted Clickbank offers or not, as an affiliate marketer you can’t help but have an opinion on Clickbank. They’ve been around when some of you were still in elementary school, or even born. They were running products that no other networks would touch...
  2. Laurent

    đź’Ą Beta đź’Ą: TikTok conversion tracking API

    Hi Everyone We are going to release the BETA version of TikTok conversion tracking API. Feel free to request early access here. Laurent
  3. Laurent

    Firefox blocking ad trackers BY Default

    In case you missed the memo, here is the latest from Firefox blog. Fast, personalized and private by design on all platforms: introducing a new Firefox for Android experience
  4. Laurent

    Guide The Bing Postback URL is live on AnyTrack

    I am pleased to announce that you can now fully run and optimize your Bing campaigns according to any affiliate conversions. Whether from Maxbounty, hasoffers, cake, CJ Affiliates, Clickbank or Everflow, all your conversions will instantly show up Bing! If you want to track affiliate campaigns...
  5. Laurent

    NO - Safari does not block Google Analytics.

    Fake news is everywhere it seems;) Full article on how the new Safari / ITP works available here. In short:
  6. Laurent

    AnyTrack Price Update

    AnyTrack pricing has barely been updated since we launched the platform in October 2019. Besides a few cosmetic changes, we left the plans as they were. Yet, after over six months, we have compiled enough data, spoke to many customers, and gathered enough feedback to make some changes that we...
  7. Laurent

    Facebook Ad Account BAN

    Hi Everyone - I am working on a post regarding facebook ad account bans (and how to avoid them). I am wondering how many people ever got their FB ad account banned, but don't know why. Obviously, this is intended to people who did not try to "circumvent the ad review system". Thanks!!
  8. Laurent

    Official Official

    Hi Everyone- @Luke thank you again for inviting me here! I look forward to questions, comments, recommendations. Quick presentation about AnyTrack: AnyTrack is radically different to any tracking platform you've used until now. - Plug & Play: Add one line of code to your site - to track any...
  9. Laurent

    Free Webinar with SEMrush PPC Academy Professor

    Hi Everyone, We're hosting a webinar tomorrow presented by Joel Bondorowsky, SEMrush PPC Academy professor. Topic - Conversion tracking best practices for Google Ads, Bing. You can learn more here
  10. Laurent

    [Exclusive feature]: Postback Tracking for Girlfriend or Boyfriend

    We've been quite quite silent over the past couple of months as we've been working very hard to release this exclusive feature. TL;DR - Click here to get the full picture. A bit of Backround first: Following the valuable advices from our friends at Semrush, we started digging into our AdWords...
  11. Laurent

    Email Marketing {real} Tracking

    The title says it all, but it seems that even in 2019, most email marketing platforms and marketers relie on open/click metrics to evaluate their performances and segment their data. While this can be true when you have 1000 subscribers, it is irrelevant when your list gets bigger and when you...