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  1. Laszlo

    How to measure traffic quality?

    Hi. Didnt read all of the answers but heres my 50 cents on this: If working with direct advertisers you can actually ask for a more complex postback setup system - the best possible scenario is signup, lead and sale postback. From this you can see the DOI/Signup ratio and also the number of...
  2. Laszlo

    Are you running in-page push?

    Ive tested inpage push earlier for dating campaigns and the conversion rate was okay-ish, but the quality was - on my campaigns - suboptimal. It generated sales but the cost-per-sale was too high. In general I would say its a placement with potential if you put enough time and energy in...
  3. Laszlo

    Have you gotten the COVID-19 vaccine?

    There was a meetup in Dubai in the last couple of days, and there is another one in Mexico in June. Official news to the Affiliate World Barcelona coming soon, and there is Affiliate Summit West in Vegas in November. Apart from these, there are some smaller adult ones that Im going to, Marbella...
  4. Laszlo

    Have you gotten the COVID-19 vaccine?

    I dont think its peer pressure, its rather the system pushing you towards vaccination. Here in Germany based on the current rules you can enter certain spaces (restaurants, gyms etc.) only if youre vaccinated or if you have an up-to-date negative covid test. Getting a test every day is a pain in...
  5. Laszlo

    Have you gotten the COVID-19 vaccine?

    Here in 3rd world Germany ill probably have to wait for pfizer until 2022 😅 There is low stock from it and its reserved for the elderly and people with chronic diseases. You can book Astra Zeneca but not many want that, which is understandable considering that if youre under 60 and healthy, you...
  6. Laszlo

    Quality of EvaDav traffic for Dating offers?

    Hi. Ive spent a 6digit sum with them on Dating campaigns last year. The traffic is mostly decent and optimizable, but the problem you're facing is that running a RON campaign and bidding too high is a guaranteed recipe to lose in most cases, at least with push traffic. Evadav has many small...
  7. Laszlo

    Free BEERS here!

    Hi. Its an interesting question about the longer signup flows, but its hard to give a generic answer to it. Based on my experiences, longer flows often times lead to more sales, and often times they also have a better initial signup conversion rate (I know, its kinda counterintuitive). Some LPs...
  8. Laszlo

    Free BEERS here!

    hi @servandosilva I focus on DACH, but mostly Germany. Also have a cam offer, phone sex, and some minor dating brands. For the dating smartlink we buy traffic on a wide spectrum: pops, banners, push, native - these are classics for dating. Emailings also work very well with the suitable...
  9. Laszlo

    Free BEERS here!

    Hey Luke, thanks for the kind words :) Without going into specifics here, I simply have some special deals with my main business partners. And as you guessed, some of my LPs allow multi-level monetization of the same incoming user.
  10. Laszlo

    Free BEERS here!

    Now that I got your attention, I wanted to quickly introduce myself ;) My name is Laszlo and Ive been in the affiliate business since 2011 in multiple, versatile roles - You might have bumped into me on affiliate conferences in Europe ever since. Since the start Ive been literally running...
  11. Laszlo

    Follow Along Follow Along iMonetizeIt February Contest - Dating Adult - EVADAV

    hi @rakoczi Is this a RON campaign or running on a whitelist / specific IDs ?