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    ThriveTracker's Latest Release is a Game Changer for Q4

    Hello All! From the beginning, your feedback has been our top priority – because who knows better about what helps your business than you! Recently, we received a request that was so good, we knew it had to be released to all our Thrive users. Introducing our new Javascript Pixel – and just in...
  2. ThriveTracker

    Will you Thrive in Q4?

    Hello All! With the start of Q4 I want to first wish everyone a successful quarter and ending to the year. It has been an amazing year of growth, tools, and expansion on our end and I hope the same for you. A couple things to note during this time of the year: 1. With competition at all time...
  3. ThriveTracker

    Official ThriveTracker - The Premier AI Tracker for Marketers

    Want to do less, but make more? Automation is the answer. You asked, so we took action… That’s why we developed our own algorithm and launched AI Auto Optimization a couple weeks ago. Our algorithm utilizes Bayesian statistics, making ThriveTracker a premier AI – Powered Tracking Platform...