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  1. Deshaaa

    the best tracker for big traffic

    hey all I hope everyone here doing great work I want to know what is the best tracker for 70 - 100k/day or more with the lowest price possible
  2. Deshaaa

    cpa + google ads youtube

    hi everyone, I had tried push, pop and they work well for me so I want to try another traffic source like youtube the thing that makes me focus on youtube 👇 in one day I had created a youtube channel for my CPA offer and put 1 video on it really not doing anything other after 24-48h I'm...
  3. Deshaaa

    propeller ads problem

    hello everyone i had some problems with propeller today about counting the conversion so the problem is , in my tracker everything is good and the conv. is counting well also the postback had been sent well but in my propeller account the conv = 0 !!!!? i am taking about low_3g_android...
  4. Deshaaa

    Follow Along need some advice :) 🤑 propeller ads optimize

    First of all i want to say that i fond of this forum , i wake up early , open laptop and start reading your awesome follow long and case studies already i had made some extra money from propush by follow long that i had read here...
  5. Deshaaa

    when i can make whitelist campaign ...!

    hello all i want to know when can i make whitelist campaigns from this campaign i had run it for 2 days
  6. Deshaaa

    Follow Along ROI from +200% to -2% .. it'is going up again

    hello all , i am new with push notification about 2 month ago and i had launched my first profitable campaign .... i had started it from 13-9 to 21-10 and this is some screenshots of my daily profit i had stopped the campaigns at 21-10 because i did not have enough budget in this time...
  7. Deshaaa

    how to scale this campaign to make more profit !

    Hello everyone , i am new here and want to get some advice from you about this campaign 😊 this campaigns is push for the 3 activity level if there is any way to get more traffic or make the win rate up without make the bid too high Thanks