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  1. cobbdotclick

    Now is the time to run VPN offers in Nigeria

    Hey guys, I just wanted to share this really quick: The president of Nigeria has blocked Twitter and he will probably start curtailing other internet freedoms. Searches for vpns have skyrocketed. I would definitely recommend running offers for...
  2. cobbdotclick

    Follow Along Popcash + Bemob + Pushflow + Finance Offers from Zeydoo

    🎯 Traffic Source: Popcash 🔧 Tracking Tool: Bemob ✅ Affiliate Network: Zeydoo 👍 Type of Offer: Finance (Survey/Sign up for credit cards) 💰 Offer Payout: Variable I was trying to participate in the contest but I had a lot of unexpected situations crop up. I also visited my mom for the first time...
  3. cobbdotclick

    Guide The World's Finest Collection of Clickbait and Other Examples of Cool Marketing from Around the World - John's Swipe File

    I am excited to see that we finally have a copywriting section here on Afflift. This is my strongest area in terms of marketing. This will be my official thread for sharing my insights and hopefully make you a better marketer. A little bit about me: I specialize in designing my own...
  4. cobbdotclick

    Have you used Dianomi?

    I have an offer I am working on developing that would be an amazing fit for Dianomi. Does anyone here have experience working with them? They are very selective about their advertisers.
  5. cobbdotclick

    I'm John. Nice to meet you!

    Hi everyone! My name is John. I am very happy to be here! A little bit about me: I'm American, originally from Arizona. I live in Mexico. I speak Spanish fluently. I specialize in getting big results while spending almost nothing. My personal best has been in revenue $82,000 USD on $162 USD...