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    Any else seeing indexing issues?

    Hi! Around September 15- I posted about 100,000 words / 10 articles to one of my affiliate properties. It's been a month and nothing has been indexed on Google. The content was written by an industry expert and therefore has no spun garbage. Anyone else seeing some kind of indexing throttling...
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    Official - Unlimited Graphic Design for a Flat monthly price - Calling for Affiliates!

    Hey all! Just dropping a quick post here to advertise our affiliate program. We are a graphic design company which offers unlimited graphic design for a flat monthly price - two tiers at the moment at $149/$249 We do everything from videos, banners, affiliate creatives to Facebook ad...
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    This is Gaby and I represent Graphically! I have been a full stack marketer and have been around for the past 10 years - doing everything from Facebook ads , Landing page design and even greyhat SEO. Glad to be part of this forum. Can't wait to get learning - and maybe create some long term...