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  1. doubledouble

    in house offers

    HI Afflifters, does anyone have any idea about how to go about creating your own in house offers, for sweeps, MVAS anything like this. I am looking into it but finding any information about it is seemingly impossible, can anyone point me in the right direction? thanks
  2. doubledouble

    Google Display Network

    Hey Afflifters, I am looking to run some gaming offers in Google Display network, all whitehat, what is the recommended method, is my account likely to get flagged all the time. Shgould I run through a DSP? what is peoples expereinces
  3. doubledouble


    Hey afflifters, does anyone here know of a place or a guide where I can learn how to upload a landing page in PHP? some of the nicer affiliate scripts (well the bad ones) are in PHP and I have no idea how to use a PHP or how to upload an LP in that format. I can do HTML no problem. appreciate...
  4. doubledouble

    Monetizer push subs

    Hi Afflifters, following from @NickS thread on Haka, i added monetizer push subs to my landing pages. Here is my setup Amazon S3 and Cloudfront. I have the bucket linked to a cloudfront distribution on a private domain (for this example I installed the JS that monetizer provide in...
  5. doubledouble

    Maxing out Binom

    Hi Afflifters, I have a slightly wierd problem. Those of you who have seen my posts know I use Voluum, but recently got a server with Binom on for offers in Asia that are high volume. Everything was going smoothly and I launched a nice shiney new campaign today, and another. The campaign flew...
  6. doubledouble

    Binom Landing Page testing

    HI Afflifters. I use Binom, and I use Voluum. Voluum has a great auto optimization feature where they will send the traffic to a landing page that has the best conversion rate - I Know the arguments that this maybe isn't the best as it doesn't use true statistical analysis - but in the big...
  7. doubledouble

    traffic restricitions

    Hey Afflifters, I have an offer, it says no adult traffic. Its an android app. Do you think it will be ok to run adult through a landing page so that the adult traffic is not running direct to play store? I kind of do and don't want to ask my AM. What are peoples thoughts on this and what is...
  8. doubledouble

    Big pop campaigns tracking solutions

    Hey afflifters, what are people doing for tracking when they have a big currently i have a custom plan with voluum for 160mil events per year. I have a pop campaign going the last week that has 2mil events per day. obviously this will burn out the event total very quickly, meaning I would have...
  9. doubledouble

    APK offers

    Hey Afflifters, i'm looking for some APK offers, can anyone recommend? I have seen a bunch whilst spying but can't seem to find a place to get them from. thanks
  10. doubledouble

    Follow Along Zeydoo Survey Offers + CPA

    🎯 Traffic Source: Galaksion to start - nice CPA model and the AM is amazing 🔧 Tracking Tool: Voluum ✅ Affiliate Network: Zeydoo of course! 👍 Type of Offer: Betting CPL offer 💰 Offer Payout: depends on the GEO 🏆 I believe this campaign will be successful because: its a follow along, the community...
  11. doubledouble


    hey all, does anyone know CPAGO, do they pay? are they a good network?
  12. doubledouble

    Maxbounty Contact

    Hey does anyone have a contact for Maxbounty been trying to get in touch with my account manager for a week and no response at all. thanks
  13. doubledouble

    Taboola Bidding Advice

    Hey All, Sometimes when I make a campaign on Taboola and set a decent bid (say 0.4 CPC in US) The campaign gets no traffic at all. Othertimes the campaigns smash the daily budgets straight off the bat. has anyone else experienced this and what can be done if a campaign is just not getting any...
  14. doubledouble

    Follow Along PropellerAds Contest - Can we make CPA 2.0 Work?

    I love propellerads, have had some great success there and some nicely scaled offers, also find their traffic to be some of the best when it comes to Pop. Nick has motivated me into doing a follow along with CPA2.0, for the most part because he makes it work and I can't so clearly he is the...
  15. doubledouble

    Voluum and Flagged LPs

    Hey Afflifters, Typically when we run an affiliate campaign you have the following flow Landing page on URL Voluum tracking link on Voluum click link on What do people do when their domain gets flagged. Do you change all of your campaign links to a...
  16. doubledouble

    Propeller CPA2.0

    Hey All, I have been posting about this for a while and want to try and do a bit of market research about the issue. Propeller CPA2.0. Last year I spent a lot of money on it across a lot of offers and was never able to get it profitable. The only model that I am able to profit with them on is...
  17. doubledouble

    Hiring a media buyer

    HI all, when people are hiring where do they look (for remote workers) I am not looking at Upwork, ideally I want someone in Ukraine or Bulgaria (as its the same timezone) do people have any recommendations. I am looking for a media buyer :)
  18. doubledouble

    Ad Kernel

    Hey Afflifters, does anyone here have expereince with Ad Kernel and using it as a place to centralize traffic sources? thanks
  19. doubledouble

    Making Your Own Offers

    Hi, I am looking to make my own pinsubmit 1-click, 2-click offers is there a way to whitelabel this, or does any know of the companies that provide this service? thanks
  20. doubledouble

    Have an offer looking for incent traffic, where to buy

    Hi Afflifters, I have a desktop offer that is looking for incent traffic, does anyone have any recommendations about where I can get such traffic? US, UK, CA, DE, AU geos? thanks