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  1. ingzazz

    Mobile Contents Offers with No Visuals in LP

    Hello everyone, I am seeing any improvements in my work and campaigns operations on a daily basis: selecting campaigns, cutting -ROI and setting up prelanders by practice, or so. Always thanking our affliters for my daily affiliate tasks. :) Recently, I was told to test some mobile contents...
  2. ingzazz

    Optimizing Direct-linked Offers

    Hello guys, It feels like I'm experimenting the offers I chose and affiliate networks' AM recommended. :) I recently started to operate directly linked mob content and sweeps offers in tier 2 and 3 GEOs (mainly in a popunder format / tracker arranged). But, some offers seem to show potentials...
  3. ingzazz

    Need Encouragement and Confidence

    Hey guys, It's been several days since my paid membership. Afflift is full of knowledeable and practical stuffs that have helped me a lot in doing my affiliate work on my won. I am referencing and praciticing Afflifters' cases, tips, and lessons. I appreciate them sharing such fruitful...
  4. ingzazz

    Errors in AWS hosting

    Hello guys, I would like to seek advice from you regarding my current issue with aws. (I am a beginner in using AWS.) When I tried to host my prelander on AWS, an error occurs at the end of the process explained in purelander's PDF instruction. The error message is as follows. I...
  5. ingzazz

    Hey cohorts here!

    Hello guys, signed up here a while ago, but converted into paid membership yesterday. yay! I am working for my own affiliate now and focusing mainly on CPA: sweeps in push-ad format in tier 2&3 traffic GEOs as a newbie. Upon upgrade, already learning a lot thanks to a myriad of...