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White Label DSP
  1. yashdodo

    Tips on Coming Up With Great Headlines For Push Campaigns?

    How do you come up with headline that make people stop? Do you just take it from the spy tool or create your own headlines? If yes, how do you make sure that it's a good one? I'll start my first push camp in a day or two so wanna know the thought process on what goes behind writing a decent...
  2. yashdodo

    Need Suggestions On Affiliate Network Specialised In Tier-2 COD Offers?

    Hey guys, I hope you all are killing it with Native ads. I wanna know some of the good affiliate networks for tier-2 COD offers. I'm aware of Terraleads, Adcombo, and However, I'm looking for more options. If you know any network or can help me connect with the manager, that'd be...
  3. yashdodo

    Writing First Time On This Amazing Forum

    Hie guys, I'm new on this forum and I'm full-time into Ecommerce. My traffic sourse is Facebook ads and currently, I'm also focusing on learning Native ads. If anyone who's running native ads and making a killing with it, I'd love to learn and share my leanings with you. Once again, super...