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  1. ingzazz

    Traffic source for pops?

    Let me try RIGHT NOW. haha Thanks for your reply! :)
  2. ingzazz

    Traffic source for pops?

    Hello @servandosilva, I wonder if Popads has mobile pop traffic. I once read a review article regarding this traffic platform, which says it has weak or no mobile traffic. Is this right? Do I have wrong info? lol
  3. ingzazz

    Where's everyone from?

    Hello @Upl8t! Glad to e-meet you hailing from Eastern Canada (loving your country, yay!) I live in South Korea and am working in my daytime as a newbie. I also hope I can share my affiliate cases with other afflifters when I see my own bright side in my work. Let's make it happen across the...
  4. ingzazz

    Mobile Contents Offers with No Visuals in LP

    Hey @Nick Thanks for your comment. :) This offer's PO and its flow seems to be easy, but it needs more of my advancement. lol. Will take your words as a reference on my work. Have a great evening!
  5. ingzazz

    Mobile Contents Offers with No Visuals in LP

    Good morning there, @Nick Thanks for your reply. :) Above is the screenshot of the aforementioned offer's LP. I have some other similar offers to this one, but through this thread, I would like to first draw a picture of how I can develop this offer for converting this time.
  6. ingzazz

    Mobile Contents Offers with No Visuals in LP

    Hello everyone, I am seeing any improvements in my work and campaigns operations on a daily basis: selecting campaigns, cutting -ROI and setting up prelanders by practice, or so. Always thanking our affliters for my daily affiliate tasks. :) Recently, I was told to test some mobile contents...
  7. ingzazz

    Need Encouragement and Confidence

    I purchased the book as you'd suggested and it's arrived today! :) will take a read in my free time. Thanks for your sincere suggestion :)
  8. ingzazz

    Do u optimize on Todays data or 7 days data?

    I take today's data as a reference for optimization: observing daily data generation. Based on what has been discussed regarding this here, I optimize my running campaigns with each's whole period after seeing data accumulated on both a tracker and a traffic source. And I make decisions on...
  9. ingzazz

    Sharing a Lander from my FA

    Thanks for sharing yours here. :) In my newbie affiliate work, it's time to deal with LPs-creating skills. lol
  10. ingzazz

    Motivation for the newbies

    Hey Isedo :) I appreciate your bravery on sharing your issues and questions with us. I have been just referring to other affliters' FA and questions just becuz I am shy even online lol. Your posts can be literally a collection of knoledge and resources to newbies like me. I hope we can be...
  11. ingzazz

    Is anyone pushing Pops here?

    I see you are literally a saviour for newbies. Taking good references from your replies. Thank you! :)
  12. ingzazz

    Hello dear Affiates

    Welcome to the community!
  13. ingzazz

    Need Encouragement and Confidence

    Hey @Samira_PL Thanks for your advice! :) Seems like you're already completely into our community! Enjoy your weekend!
  14. ingzazz

    Hey everyone :)

    Welcome to Afflift, @baidovich! As a new-comer, I am also impressed with an amount of decent affiliate information and knowledge here. Let's grow up professionally here :)
  15. ingzazz

    Step 9 - Create Your PropellerAds Campaigns

    Advised by @Luke today, I am now engaging in this lesson step by step. And now my inquiry is pending over recently converting GEOs to support team on Zeydoo. Hope I can learn further more by completing all steps of this course. Thank you for your dedication, @Nick :_)
  16. ingzazz

    Follow Along Sweeps Push Follow Along

    Hope your campaign scales up. Looking forward to its followup :)
  17. ingzazz

    Optimizing Direct-linked Offers

    Hey @Isedo I see you put lots of efforts into your affiliate work. Wish you a good luck and I cheer you up from my side :) Thanks for sharing your experience here. I am working mainly on sweeps, but dropping worse-ROI offers and keepin up with gradually improved ones. I am also willing to share...
  18. ingzazz

    Optimizing Direct-linked Offers

    Hello @Luke Thanks for your suggestion. Let me move on to the next phase of the guide, for sure! :) I have some of my own landers for targeted sweeps offers, but maybe I've been unconsciously afraid of or am obssessed with making a super-quality of LPs. will refer to relevant threads by search...
  19. ingzazz

    Optimizing Direct-linked Offers

    Hello @servandosilva Thanks for your reply. I once tried pops guide as a basic practice, maybe failed to transfer what was learned into what I am doing. Will apply the guide's instruction to my running campaigns. :)
  20. ingzazz

    Optimizing Direct-linked Offers

    Hello guys, It feels like I'm experimenting the offers I chose and affiliate networks' AM recommended. :) I recently started to operate directly linked mob content and sweeps offers in tier 2 and 3 GEOs (mainly in a popunder format / tracker arranged). But, some offers seem to show potentials...