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  1. Morfeuz

    How Good Are Flat Buys [fixed rates]?

    Hey Everyone, I was asked today by a traffic AM if I was interested in flat buys for certain countries. I have heard of this before but never really messed with it. From what I was told it usually a 30 day buy for traffic at a certain price. He said I can try it out for 14 days but at full...
  2. Morfeuz

    Landing Page Domain Question

    Hello Everyone, When purchasing a domain to host your pre landers for an offer lets say in Germany. Do you buy the name in that language? Let's say Geo Germany and Verticle: Sweeps - I want to buy the name, would you just buy it in English or would you translate it to...
  3. Morfeuz

    How Do You Use API's

    Hey Everyone, I always see traffic networks talking about using API's to pull data. Do anybody really use API's and if so what do you use it for?
  4. Morfeuz

    Megapush - adding funds question

    Hey everyone, What is the easiest way to add funds to megapush from USA? I see they have a lot of options and wanted to see what the majority uses. Thanks
  5. Morfeuz

    How to title a post Follow Along

    Hello Everyone, I just posted a follow along and was wondering how do you get the green follow along lable in your title?
  6. Morfeuz

    Posting dynamic Parameter in Lander

    Hello Everyone, I need a little help as I am stuck with posting a dynamic parameter in my lander. I got this idea from @BeMob blog. I used the script they suggested and have checked my page multiple times but the tag is not passing to my lander butI do see the tag in the address bar, which...