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  1. Rich

    App Installs

    Hi all, can anyone advise on networks that offer lots of app install offers? Looking to test in-app banner traffic driving CPI offers. Thanks.
  2. Rich

    Pace Of Testing Offers

    Poll here to find out the pace at which people are testing out offers to find the winners and scrap the losers.
  3. Rich

    Follow Along MegaPush + BeMob + PeerFly - Follow Along

    Hi Guys, First time using push traffic and thought I'd document this as a following-along with MegaPush. Firstly, what does the ad format look like. Here’s an example on mobile: Here’s an example on desktop: Creative Specs MegaPush requires a main image size of 492x382 pixels, smaller...
  4. Rich

    Spy Tool Blocker

    Hi all, Any recommendations on how to stop spy tools e.g Ad Plexity from scraping your pop campaigns? Thanks, Rich.
  5. Rich

    Be Persistent!

    Just want to share some success with the affLIFT community. There are many times I’ve been frustrated and lost. At any of these times I’ve always asked questions and taken action on advice from reputable sources. A solid community here full of very engaged and helpful IMs with valuable...
  6. Rich

    4 Sites Hacked - A Learning Experience

    Hi all, Some experience shared, I've been building sites for over 15 years and until today have never been the victim of an aggressive site hack. Today, four of my sites were hacked and loaded with rogue redirect scripts to god knows what. Luckily I have a very good hosting provider and they...
  7. Rich

    Adplexity - PopAds - Push Notification Offers?

    Hi all, On @AdPlexity for quite a few long term running offers I'm seeing landing pages like the one below. Can anyone clarify if there are offers on affiliate networks where the CPA is 'allowing push notifications' on browser/mobile? If so, what are these offers called and how are they found?
  8. Rich

    Pixel Tracking / Re-marketing - PeerFly Offers

    @Luke is it possible to apply pixel tracking to offers on PeerFly? For example adding Bing re-marketings tag or Facebook pixel to build out custom audiences etc. Under normal circumstances the code would be embedded into the header/footer of the site but with CPA offers is there a workaround...
  9. Rich

    TONIC - EU Users need a VAT number

    So I applied for a Tonic account, however I met a huge roadblock when setting up my account. Tonic will only let you buy their traffic as an EU citizen if you have a registered VAT number. In the UK that means that you need to run a Ltd [LLC] company that turns over at least £85,000 [$110,000]...
  10. Rich

    Privacy & Disclaimer Links On Pre-Landers?

    Hi all, I'd like to know if people are using privacy and/or disclaimer links to a policy/terms page on their pre-landers? To be more specific, using a VPS hosted bridge page that does not collect email or pixel data on pops, just linking through to the CPA offer page. @Tyoussef what's your...
  11. Rich

    BeMob & Mobidea SetUp?

    Hi all, Wondered if someone has had experience with setting up Mobidea offers using Bemob. With Mobidea, offer aff links end preloaded with the following tokens: ?data1=Track1&data2=Track2&tag={External_ID_from_traffic_source}&website={subID}&placement={sub_subID} I'm wondering if you just...
  12. Rich

    Leadbolt Success?

    Hi all, has anyone seen success with banner ads on Leadbolt? Thinking of getting a few campaigns running there promoting gaming offers. Any experiences to share? Thanks, Rich.
  13. Rich

    Popads Site Id Report - Highlighted Green?

    Hi all, Sometimes on site ID reports, some site ID's are highlighted green. Anyone know what that actually means?! Thanks, Rich
  14. Rich

    Tracking Keywords - PeerFly + Bing Ads

    Hi all, I posted this in a separate thread but I see that it's a very common question. When you're using Bing Ads to direct link CPA offers you can track keyword performance in the CPA networks reporting panel. The article below shows how to do this using PeerFly as an example...
  15. Rich

    Popads Vs Propeller Ads

    Hi all, So I've earned my first PPV/pop badges with and I'm wondering if a natural progression would be into PropellerAds. In your opinion, is PropellerAds higher quality compared to Having looked at example site lists from I can see there are lots of very...
  16. Rich - Site ID's

    Hi all, Could anyone share a method on correlating site ID's with domains? Obviously there's a very big benefit in knowing where your ads are being served, also and more importantly which sites are converting. Thanks, Rich.
  17. Rich - Conversions

    Hi all, for the sake of my sanity is there anyone on here that is getting consistent conversions with PopAds campaigns? I'm new to it and testing, but I want to make sure it actually works and isn't just filled with newbies bidding against each other and not really moving forward! Cheers all...
  18. Rich

    When to kill a PPV test campaign

    Hi all, just to clarify once budget on an offer across all sources reaches 3-5x the payout with no conversions - would cut your losses and move on to another offer? Thanks Rich
  19. Rich

    BeMob Speed Performance

    Hi all, have heard of possible redirect speed issues on BeMob was wondering if anyone else has experienced this? Specifically there was mention of user drop offs after clicks due to slow redirect speeds. Thanks all Rich
  20. Rich

    Adwords + BeMob + PeerFly

    Hi all, so after a LOT of pain I have what looks like a fully operational and BeMob tracked Adwords campaign pushing PeerFly offers. It's definitly not easy to figure out the process and also to make sure that you're within Adwords terms. It's been a lot of backwards and forwards with the...