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  1. Aptfxer

    Bemob postback for Advidi

    Decided to branch out a bit into some sweep offers and I'm having a bit of trouble with the postback for Advidi. I'm using Bemob. My postback after the domain is: /postback?cid=REPLACE&payout=OPTIONAL&txid=OPTIONAL&status=OPTIONAL I've tried #s2# and {2.40} for the payout but testing that in...
  2. Aptfxer

    Follow Along Tonic + BeMob + LosPollos Rotator

    🎯 Traffic Source - Tonic Zero Click 🛠 Tracker - BeMob ✅ Los Pollos 💵 Campaign Budget is $30 $40 a day ($10/day to start then up to maximum when I start seeing IDs). This is for the LosPollos Mainstream Rotator. Payout is variable, targeting Scandinavian Country I've had success in the past...
  3. Aptfxer

    Guide Email Marketing - How To Send

    This thread is for the general discussion of the Article Email Marketing - How To Send. Please add to the discussion here.
  4. Aptfxer

    To Direct Link or Not To Direct Link - That is the question

    I already know my answer to this but wanted to throw it out there for discussion. Direct link or Landing Page? Some sources, like AdWords and Push, I'd say make landing page. For other traffic, I'd assume the network I'm working with (big assumption I know) should have the best performing...
  5. Aptfxer

    Hello from sunny Cyprus

    Here's a top cooking tip for you all: stir coconut oil into your kale while preparing. Makes it much easier to scrape off the pan into the trash! Hi all. Andrew here from sunny Cyprus. Full time online since 2004. Main niches are adult and financial services. Love cigars and fast Wordpress...