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  1. Just33l

    Bing Ads is becoming Microsoft Advertising

    Yes, agency only now.
  2. Just33l

    I do SEO

    As a SEO turned Paid aka SEM I can guarantee you that you'll love paid search. You already have the upper hand knowing SEO so things with come to you very easy. Check out Udemy adwords 101 course by Isacc (~24 hours long). Lots of actionable content that will get you up to speed on no time.
  3. Just33l

    Anyone tried Authority builders?

    Authority builders are decent. Check out Daryl Rossers youtube videos. He's an SEO pro that works with them. Good guy too. Just remember, PBN tactics and paid link building can always be risky.
  4. Just33l

    How to do research before launching a campaign? Because without proper research campaign can't be profitable. How to do it properly?

    Analyze free public data, pick up a book at your local library on customer insight and buyer demographics
  5. Just33l

    How many people here are utilizing microsoft ads free optimization specialist service?

    If you're advertising on Microsoft Ads, you can request an optimization specialist to help you manage and run your account. They provide you with feature updates and will help you with bulk uploads, report creation, business trends, and a lot more. Some may try to push you to spend more, but if...
  6. Just33l

    My Google Ads account got suspended for circumventing system policy..Any Fix?

    It's extremely unlikely. I wouldn't bother paying a third party service to unlock or appeal your account either. If you try creating a new account and run into the same problem again, I would advise a hard reset. Google and bing are data giants so it can be difficult to advertise effectively on...
  7. Just33l

    Bing Ads is becoming Microsoft Advertising

    Bing has a huge new series of updates coming soon as well. Look into ad customizers! Pretty sweet.
  8. Just33l

    Introduction: Search engine nerd

    Hello everyone, my names J. I'm a professional SEM (ex Microsoft ), SEO agency owner and also a big nerd (Literally lol). Let's get this bread.
  9. Just33l

    Is it true that bing Syndicated Search Partners traffic suck?

    I used to work for bing ads. I'm a professional sem and advertiser. Pull a URL report, throw it in a excel pivot table and calculate your top converting networks.
  10. Just33l

    What's the most annoying thing about bing Ads now known as Microsoft Ads?

    It's definitely the fact that they push display ads on their users. Turn that garbage off asap.